Episode 4: Laquita Tate's Home Feels Like a "Warm Blanket" When You Walk Through Her Door - Home & Texture

Episode 4: Laquita Tate’s Home Feels Like a “Warm Blanket” When You Walk Through Her Door

Described as a “warm blanket when you first walk through the door,” designer Laquita Tate’s home of 17 years is a true reflection of her and her husband’s personality. As a designer, she gravitates to a color palette that features shades of black, cream, and green, as you will see. Her space is filled with layers of art, texture, and personality. To Tate, the color black is a neutral, and you can find her walls, ceilings, and furniture in shades of black. Learn more about this amazing designer and then shop the look of her home.



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