Drake's Toronto Mansion Renamed 'Kendrick's House' 

By Dezimey Kum

In 2020, Drake purchased his Toronto mansion, a 50,000-square-foot $6.7 million property, featuring luxury amenities.

The modern Art Deco home is filled with patterns, colors, and textures, boasting an indoor basketball court, recording studio, and more.

Amid the Drake-Kendrick beef, Kendrick Lamar fans renamed Drake's mansion on Google Maps to "2024 Kendrick’s House."

The beef intensified when Kendrick released "Not Like Us", featuring Drake's home with symbols representing sex offenders on YouTube.

Kendrick seemingly confirmed Drake's exact address in his latest diss track, escalating tensions further.

Other nearby locations were renamed with joke titles referencing Kendrick's allegations against Drake such as "Zesty Drake" and "kendrickownsdrake."

An intruder was arrested on May 8 after attempting to access Drake's home, following a shooting involving Drake's security guard.

Police continue to investigate the shooting at Drake's property. They have assessed video footage but haven't revealed a motive yet.

Drake's team has cooperated with authorities in the investigation of the shooting incident, though it's unclear if Drake was targeted.

The ongoing feud and the shooting incident could potentially affect Drake's reputation and raise broader safety concerns.

As the ongoing feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar persists, there is widespread speculation regarding how it will ultimately resolve.