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Decorate Bridgerton Decor

Our 10 Favorite Stylish Decor Pieces Inspired by Bridgerton

With these pieces, your space will be fit for even the likes of a viscountess.

May 24, 2024 at 4:30 PM PST
Decorate Bridgerton Decor

Our 10 Favorite Stylish Decor Pieces Inspired by Bridgerton

With these pieces, your space will be fit for even the likes of a viscountess.

May 24, 2024 at 4:30 PM PST

After binge-watching the new season of Bridgerton in its entirety on our way to New York Design Week, where we experienced the best in European design, it’s safe to say that we’ve entered our Regency era. Marked by luxury, elegance and intricacy, Regency interiors are the epitome of refined style and charm. And with a little pattern and lots of detail, creating a space with the same grandeur as these interiors of 19th-century past is certainly within reach.

That being said, we don’t want to replicate an interior quite like, for example, the Bridgerton’s morning room. The pieces we’ve selected offer a more modern take on Regency decor, carefully curated with our dearest gentle readers in mind. From mirrors to candelabras to wallpaper, these pieces can take your space from plain to polished and offer that subtle (or not so subtle) hint of luxury fit for even Queen Charlotte herself (well, maybe).

Our Top Picks

Is Regency decor having a moment?

Aside from the hype surrounding the latest season of Bridgerton, we were inspired by the fact that Regency-era decor truly is timeless. The pieces we selected withstand the test of trends, as they have for the past 200 years. The enduring elegance and refined craftsmanship of these pieces bring a touch of historical sophistication to any modern home, seamlessly blending classic beauty with contemporary style.

And with that, it’s time to explore our favorite pieces below and invest a bit of time decorating your space while you anxiously await the next half of season three.

Loop Polished Brass Candelabra

You can’t have a Regency-inspired space without a candelabra. We love how sleek and chic this Loop Polished Brass Candelabra from West Elm is. The loop design is perfect for adding an element of detail to your space without committing to a full-on five-arm vintage candelabra.

Mila Mirror

Obviously, we had to include the Mila Mirror from Anthropologie. This is the mirror that took the internet by storm, and if you don’t already have one, now is the perfect time to seal the deal. The ornate brass frame is essential to creating that quintessential Regency vibe, and you can adorn it above your mantel if you really want to steal a page out of the Featherington’s book.

Swoop Arm Chandelier

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a time and place for a crystal chandelier, but sometimes you just want something a little more subtle. This Swoop Arm Chandelier from West Elm is perfect for just that—it’s playful enough to look vintage-inspired but sleek enough to look modern.

Antiqued Metal Urn Vase

This vase is just the piece for drawing attention to your summer florals in style. You could even opt for a more long-lasting arrangement with a Dried Gypso and Papaver Bunch to complete the antique look. While we’re partial to the white, there’s also a green option if you want to introduce a bit of color to your space.

Bridgerton Damask Wallpaper

We love a good wallpaper look, and this Bridgerton Damask Wallpaper is no exception. We searched far and wide for *the* perfect subtle vintage wallpaper, and this one truly takes the cake. We’re obsessed with the Soft Mint and Wedgwood Blue colors (naturally), but there are also six other colors to choose from to suit the existing aesthetics of your space.

Cooper Sconce

Sconces are making a comeback, and they’re one of the easiest ways to implement vintage charm in any space, especially your bedroom, entryway, bathroom or—our personal favorite—a reading nook. Pottery Barn’s Cooper Sconce is our top pick for a chic and sophisticated element that allows you to really set the tone of a space with thoughtful details.

Chatham Sofa in Sky Cotton Velvet

A Regency-inspired room wouldn’t be complete without a Bridgerton blue sofa, now would it? This Chatham Sofa in Sky Cotton Velvet from Serena & Lily introduces the perfect element of class, color and high-end design. Its button tufting, wood legs and rich velvet are the cherry on top—you really can’t go wrong with this piece.

Handcarved Peacock Dining Chair

These Handcarved Peacock Dining Chairs are the prettiest dining chairs we’ve seen all week. The intricate feather design on the back exudes elegance and attention to detail, and the wood/upholstery combination is the perfect timeless pairing for a vintage-inspired space. Their handcrafted nature makes them truly one of a kind, and a set of them is sure to take your dining room to new, sophisticated heights.

Gianna Grecian Bust Pot

Regency-inspired aesthetic or not, we love a bust pot. Perfect for displaying fresh flowers indoors or outdoors, you can’t get much more charming than this piece. Its headdress of fruit and curly locks that fall down her shoulder provides a classical touch, making it the perfect accent piece for a sophisticated garden, foyer or mantel arrangement.

Handcarved Menagerie Bed

Last but not least is the Handcarved Menagerie Bed by Anthropologie. This headboard embodies beauty and femininity with the perfect mix of neutral colors and statement detailing. It’s hard to not go overly antique when it comes to vintage headboard design, but this subtle yet stylish piece is everything you could want in a bedroom furniture piece and more.

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