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Decorate Vinyl Record Displays

5 Products To Help You Store Your Vinyl Collection in Style

Let your record collection become a part of your home decor.

May 12, 2024 at 6:25 AM PST
Decorate Vinyl Record Displays

5 Products To Help You Store Your Vinyl Collection in Style

Let your record collection become a part of your home decor.

May 12, 2024 at 6:25 AM PST

Trends are circular — what’s old always becomes new again. Whether it is flared-leg jeans, wired headphones, or vintage sweatshirts, eventually everything gets another 15 minutes of fame. However, some things start to transcend being a trend and become a mainstay in society, which we’re now seeing with vinyl records. At first, it was seen as an old-school way to listen to music. Now, some people prefer to listen to their favorite singers that way. Artists are taking note, releasing multiple variants of their albums with different color vinyl, artwork, and even bonus tracks. If you’ve hopped on the vinyl bandwagon and need a little help organizing your favorite records, here are our favorite products to help you show them off in style.

Why You Should Display Your Vinyl Collection

Albums come with beautiful artwork that becomes just as iconic as the music. Think of Beyoncé on a silver horse on the cover of Renaissance or the etched desk on the cover of Ms. Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. However, the artwork doesn’t get the chance to be appreciated when you have the album saved on your phone in your streaming library. Vinyl records allow the artwork to have its moment.

It’s also important to store your vinyl properly. The cardboard sleeve they come in isn’t super protective, so they must be stored vertically so that the records don’t warp or get scratched. Putting them on full display with these storage solutions is the perfect way to simultaneously turn your records into home decor pieces and keep them sounding as nice as the day you bought them. Take an in-depth look at our top product picks for doing just that.

Record Player Stand with Vinyl Storage

The Record Player Stand with Vinyl Storage by Tewinko allows you to have an entertainment center for all your records. There's a table for your record player, three shelving units to display and store vinyl records, and a shelf to store more records, speakers, or other decor. The vertical design of this record player stand also doesn’t take up too much space. While it would fit into a living room, it could also fit into smaller spaces, like a bedroom.

Helix Vinyl Record Storage

The Helix Vinyl Record Storage by Novogratz at Target will fit perfectly with your existing modern decor. The gold metal of this shelving unit with the powder finish is minimalistic, so its clean, sharp lines will complement other furniture and decor seamlessly. This design allows the records you display to be the statement pieces. With two shelves, you can showcase two different vinyl records in the front while storing many more records behind it.

Acrylic Record Holder Wall Mount

The acrylic record holder wall mount by ILYXY is perfect for creating a statement gallery wall with your records. It comes with eight ledges to display your records. Keep in mind that they aren’t connected — this allows you to install them in any way you want. Buy multiple packs to cover an entire wall, or spread them throughout your house — the choice is yours. Since these ledges allow your records to rest there, you can easily access your vinyl, or switch out which records you want to display. These wall mounts come in three colors: clear, black, and white.

Liam Record Storage Console

The Liam Record Storage Console from Urban Outfitters is perfect if you want that old-school vibe for your record collection. The compartments allow you to store your records vertically, allowing you to show off the colorful edges. You can also have your record player, speakers, and other music accessories on top. This console comes in two colors — brown and black — and is available in two sizes: medium, which has two compartments, or large, which has three compartments.

5 Record Ledge

The 5 Record Ledge by hifiwoodworks on Etsy allows you to show off the beautiful artwork of your record collection. Handmade, this ledge is made of solid wood and has four wood options — cherry, maple, oak, and walnut — so you can pick which color best fits your decor. This ledge holds up to five records you can easily change and have access to if you want to play them. Buy multiple ledges depending on the size of your vinyl collection so you can showcase as many records as you want.

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