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10 Things You've Overlooked at Home That Need to Be Decluttered

A junk drawer or medicine cabinet, declutter these things for a tidy home even in the places that aren't typically seen.

May 28, 2024 at 10:40 PM PST
Declutter Organize Things to Declutter

10 Things You've Overlooked at Home That Need to Be Decluttered

A junk drawer or medicine cabinet, declutter these things for a tidy home even in the places that aren't typically seen.

May 28, 2024 at 10:40 PM PST

It’s easy to overlook those small things in your home that you don’t typically see on a daily basis. Out of sight, out of mind right? Because of this, clutter starts to form making your spaces at home appear junky and compact. When you declutter, you allow more space, a tidier appearance, and a clear mind. When it comes to decluttering, most focus on big areas like your closet or kitchen pantry, but don’t forget about the smaller items that can build up, too. If you do, we’re here to remind you of 10 things to declutter around your home that you may have overlooked.

10. Old Receipts

How often have you purchased food, home decor, devices, and more and held on to the receipt with the expectation you’ll need it in the future? While this happens to the best of us, loads of old receipts add up and then take up useful space. So, it’s time to get rid of them.

Everyday expenses like groceries, car washes, getting gas, or food stops are typical and those receipts are not meant to be kept long. On the contrary, you’ll want to consider keeping receipts from larger purchases or more important everyday expenses that you may return later.

9. Outdated Cords

Technology is evolving on a daily basis and holding on to your iPhone charger from 4 generations ago is pretty pointless. You’ll probably never use it again and while there may be an emotional connection to that device and charger piece, it’s okay to let it go. Tangled cords create confusion and frustration, especially when you’re looking to use one. If you’ve let the phone go, let the cord go. It’s for the better.

8. Birthday and Greeting Cards

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This one might be a tear jerker, but we promise you will get through it. If you’re still holding on to sweet greeting cards, store the ones that are meaningful and from a departed loved one in a special place. Figure out which you’re okay throwing out and keeping. Keep in mind, the goal is to declutter, so no matter the emotional attachment, get rid of them. You’ll be glad you did later.

7. Expired Foods

The moment you open your fridge, you don’t want to be greeted with unpleasant smells. If you are, this could be sign of expired foods and it’s time to toss all outdated food items that are stored in both your fridge and freezer. This also includes foods you can no longer identify or remember the last time you touched it. It’s likely you won’t eat it again and, quite frankly, it’s leaving a stench.

6. Junk Drawer

It’s safe to say every homeowner has a junk drawer. A drawer filled with the most miscellaneous items from batteries and flashlights to safety pins and bills. Any homeowner knows just about anything is thrown in this space when you can’t make up your mind whether it should be trashed or not. Decluttering this draw will not only free up space, but you’ll probably find the items you once lost.

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5. Medication Cabinet

Medicine cabinets are the perfect places to store more than just medicine. Makeup, toothpaste, floss — you name it, it’s probably there. While your medicine may also be stored, they range from newer medicines to the outdated or barely used ones. You’ve probably pushed them to back of the cabinet when new medicine came in just in case you needed it. But you don’t. Read carefully at the correct medicine and get rid of what you’re not using. This makes it easier to pick up the correct medicine instead of risking taking something old and outdated.

4. Condiment Packets

Excessive amounts of condiment packets come after a tasty takeout meal. You ask for extra and you’re given more than you really need. Mostly found in your fridge, an original condiments bag, or  somewhere in your junk drawer, condiment packets are nice when you need them, but messy when they splatter everywhere. Throw them out.

3. Piles of Paper

After checking your mailbox only to find bills and other documents, you tend to throw them in the first open table space at home and leave them there thinking, “I’ll come back to it,” but you never do. This habit will create a stack of pointless papers you don’t need and can cause an eye sore. Go through the stack to see what paperwork is still relevant and what can be thrown away.

2. Product Manuals

Remember the coffee table you assembled all on your own years ago that is still standing? This indicates a sturdy table, so it’s okay to throw away that product manual. You’ll never need to use it again. This also goes for any other manual that has been stashed some time ago.

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1. Office Supplies

Things like sticky notes, paper clips, pens, and markers can end up any-and-everywhere around your home. If you’re a remote worker, you don’t need 15 packs of sticky notes and those pens and markers? Dried out. Donate extra items you’re unlikely to use and trash dried out utensils for a cleaner work space.



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