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Home Maintenance Creating Livable Space

Desperately Need More Livable Space? Here’s How To Get It

Learn how to work with what you have to save money.

June 23, 2024 at 6:15 AM PST
Home Maintenance Creating Livable Space

Desperately Need More Livable Space? Here’s How To Get It

Learn how to work with what you have to save money.

June 23, 2024 at 6:15 AM PST

If you’re frustrated with having a smaller space, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners find themselves wishing for just a bit more space to stretch out, entertain, or simply relax. But feeling cramped at home is definitely not something you have to live with forever. There are plenty of ways to add more livable space without having to move. And whether you need the extra room for a nursery or to rent it out for added income, creating more space in your home can only add to its value when done right.

To learn how to create extra space, here are five practical and creative ideas to transform your home.

An attic converted into a living room
Photo credit: Emily Wang via Unsplash

Maximize your attic or basement.

For many households, the attic or basement is big enough to be a functional living space. Think a cozy family room, a small bedroom, or a home office. All you need is the right lighting, insulation, and decor, and you can turn an otherwise unused space into a practical one.

Pro Tip: If you want to make extra money, you can convert these spaces into rental units where people can come and live for a short time. In order to make it comfy enough for a renter, however, you’ll need to add some basic features like a bed, a desk and chair, and maybe even a couch for lounging. And if you have extra space to spare, you can tack on a kitchenette or bathroom to make it even more livable.

Utilize vertical space.

You might not think maximizing your vertical space will help with creating more livable space, but it actually can. Simple strategies like placing a loft bed can make room for placing tables and chairs underneath it.

Also, tall bookshelves, floating shelves, and vertical storage units can help declutter the room so that it doesn’t just look and feel bigger, but you actually do have a little more space to work with.

Photo credit: The Washington Post

Expand outward.

If you don’t have any extra room inside your home, consider whether you have any available space outside. If you do, you can create more livable space by expanding outward with a sunroom, wine cellar, or guest suite. They’re the perfect way to add livable space while bringing the outdoors in.

Expanding outward is usually cheaper than adding extra space to your home’s interior. If you decide to build a sunroom, for instance, it may not require as much structural work or insulation as building an additional bedroom would.

Another cool way to maximize your yard is by adding onto it via a patio or deck. These areas are ideal for entertaining or just enjoying some fresh air. And incorporating features like an outdoor kitchen or a moon garden can make the area look even better.

Convert underutilized areas.

A large, walk-in closet is something that many people dream of, but filling up a whole room with just clothes isn’t as easy as you might think.

If you have a big closet that you aren’t really using fully, why not convert it to a cute reading nook or mini library? Just replace your clothes with books, add in a comfy chair and desk, and maybe incorporate some cool mood lighting to make it the perfect spot to relax in.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to create more storage space, you don’t need a ton of square footage. Even itty bitty spaces can be functional.

Look around your home for any nooks and crannies that you aren’t using like under the stairs, the space above cabinets, and underneath tall furniture items. These spaces can give you a lot more storage space without having to completely remodel your place to get it.

Open up your floor plan.

If the problem is that the rooms in your home feel too compartmentalized, an open-concept floor plan can make everything seem more cohesive. Keep in mind that you’d have to tear down your walls to do it, but if that isn’t a problem, opening up your layout can add a lot of balance to your aesthetic.



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