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Lilian Ogbuefi (Lily) is the associate director of SEO at Blavity, spearheading initiatives expanding brand reach through research-driven content planning. She previously led strategy for major digital publishers like Bustle Digital Group, directing growth across top lifestyle brands including Bustle, Elite Daily, Nylon and more. With over 10 years as an industry leader driving tangible performance, Lilian has earned high-profile media features on sites like The Sun and The Guardian NG. She also founded - a lifestyle platform spotlighting dynamic stories for women of African descent and cultural enthusiasts. Beyond driving editorial success, her creative writing background includes past roles with KraksTV, 301 Digital and Fatherly. She actively contributes engaging narratives to sites like Blavity, TravelNoire, Home & Texture and 21Ninety currently. When not collaborating on editorial operations, Lilian might be found jetsetting globally, DIYing her home décor, or binging Kdramas, all escape adventures sure to inspire her next captivating tale. You can stay connected on Instagram & Tiktok @thelilylawrence


Curtain Placements

Curtains play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of a room while also serving practical functions. One of the key decisions when it comes to choosing curtains is determining...

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