A Taste of Italy: 6 Ways To Incorporate Modern Italian Lighting In Your Home
Decorate Lighting Modern Italian Lighting

A Taste of Italy: 6 Ways To Incorporate Modern Italian Lighting In Your Home

February 13, 2023 at 9:04 PM PST
Decorate Lighting Modern Italian Lighting

A Taste of Italy: 6 Ways To Incorporate Modern Italian Lighting In Your Home

February 13, 2023 at 9:04 PM PST

There are certain names that are synonymous with great Italian architecture and design. Gio Ponti was a twentieth century Italian architect, artist and designer known for modern and democratic designs. Vittorio Zecchin was an Italian painter, tapestry maker and furniture designer inspired by the avant-garde style of Venice. Designer Gino Sarfatti produced more than 400 light fixtures in his more than 30 year career, all without conventional training in arts and architecture.

These are just a few designers in the upper echelon of Italian interior design. Their influence went beyond borders and even designers outside of Italy like Max Ingrand and Karim Rashid were impacted by their innovative designs.

Since Italy is a global leader in design and known for a luxurious and sophisticated style, it’s no wonder that it is constantly emulated in the world of interior design. Now you can incorporate it in your home decor too with these six ideas for modern Italian lighting. Bellissima!

1. Hanging Lights

Choosing the right lighting for a room is almost like choosing its personality or character. It really helps set the ambience. Hence, lights are an essential part of home decor. If you are looking for a relaxing and cozy vibe, go with hanging lights. These ceiling lights are very popular amongst Italian designers because of their timeless and contemporary aesthetic.

2. Pendant Lights

A beautiful pendant light is how they say in Italian che figata! — that means it’s really cool! Pendant lights are a timeless lighting option that add an industrial vibe to your space. This type of light is defined by a fixture with a single light that is suspended from the ceiling. Pendant lights are unique in how they fuse art with design, and they offer a wide variety of pendant fixtures from modern globe to art glass styles. The best part is that they are functional. The lower hanging light (which is closer to surfaces) is great for tasking.

3. Chandeliers

Popular with Tuscan designers, chandelier lights are a statement piece. If you are looking for a light fixture that stops your guests in their tracks, chandelier lights are right up your alley. Whether you decide to put one in your foyer or your living room space, these bold and beautiful lights are hard to miss. Tuscan chandelier lights are known for their vintage look and soft ambience.

4. Floor Lamps

If you’re going to embrace Italian lighting in your home, then it’s essential to focus on clean, sleek lines. Floor lamps (like the one pictured here) are a great way to add a modern accent to your decor. These ambient lights will illuminate any room in its entirety. Whether you choose brass, copper, marble or stone for the material, the smooth, modular design and minimalistic silhouette of the floor lamp will be the contemporary touch you didn’t know you were missing.

5. Linear Suspension Lights

True Italian design is about creating a timeless ambience that is both unique and inspiring. Linear suspension lights embody this aesthetic and often resemble a piece of art more than a light fixture. These lights provide illumination across a linear path, and they can be arranged in a singular linear pendant or connected through an end-to-end configuration. They scream elegant and modern chic!

6. Mid-Century Lighting

Mid-century lighting is a form of decorative lighting that is all about making a statement. Inspired by the design era of the 1930s to the 1960s, this type of lighting is all about mixed materials and a mixture of classic design and contemporary elements. Simplicity is the key with mid-century lighting, as the focus of most designers who create these types of lights is on functionality rather than form.


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