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Living Room Home Projectors

The Best Home Projectors for Your Next Summer Movie Night

It's the season we've all been waiting for—summer movie nights are finally upon us.

May 4, 2024 at 7:48 AM PST
Updated on May 3, 2024 at 9:50 PM PST
Living Room Home Projectors

The Best Home Projectors for Your Next Summer Movie Night

It's the season we've all been waiting for—summer movie nights are finally upon us.

May 4, 2024 at 7:48 AM PST
Updated on May 3, 2024 at 9:50 PM PST

Summer is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the long, summer nights than with an outdoor theater right in your own backyard? Home projectors can mimic the experience of being in a movie theater, except you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy it.

Whether you’re planning a romantic evening under the stars or a big game day celebration with friends, a great projector is the perfect tool to kickstart the summer fun. Here are our top picks:

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What makes home projectors so special?

If you’re thinking about the old-school projectors your teacher used in school, think again. The newer, more modern home projectors are equipped with features that elevate your viewing experience. For example, now they come with higher brightness, better resolution, and wireless connectivity so you can stream your favorite content without having to drag your cables around.

Speaking of dragging your cables, home projectors are now really portable. Most projectors are not only compact, but they’re made from lightweight material, too. This makes transporting them from indoors to outdoors or even from room to room super easy. So if you need to carry your projector out to the backyard for a movie night, you can!

Choosing the Right Projector

When it comes to picking out the right home projector, there are several factors to keep in mind. Take a look:

Brightness is key.

When shopping for a projector, look for one with at least 3,000 lumens of brightness. This ensures that you can still see a clear picture, even when it’s not as dark outside.

Resolution matters.

Higher resolution means a sharper image. A projector with full HD (1920×1080) is great, but 4K is even better if you’re looking for those movie theater-quality visuals.

Connectivity should be easy.

Always go for projectors that have multiple connectivity options. HDMI is standard, but additional ports like USB can come in handy, too. Wireless connectivity, like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, can be a game-changer when streaming directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Portability is important.

Since you’ll probably be moving the projector around, look for one that’s lightweight and comes with easy carry options.

Consider the sound system.

While most modern projectors come with built-in speakers, you’ll need one that can connect to external speakers for a really immersive experience. That way, the sound quality matches the great picture.

The Best Home Projectors for Summer Movie Nights

Now that you know what to look for in a home projector, it’s time to go out and buy one! To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best projectors for your home. If you want that big screen experience without leaving your couch, here are the top seven home projectors to check out.

Roku 720p Smart Wi-Fi Home Theater Projector

Host a movie night with this 720p Smart Wi-Fi Home Theater Projector from Roku! You can enjoy 50,000 hours of entertainment with this projector and stream your favorite movies and TV shows in a stunning display. Whether watching a movie or listening to music, its 5-watt speakers are perfect for amplifying every sound. Plus, it also includes integrated Bluetooth support so you can connect to your Bluetooth speaker for an optimal listening experience.

Kodak 2400 Lumens Portable Projector

Enjoy movie theater-quality with the Kodak 2400 Lumens Portable Projector! Boasting a 1080p HD support, 2500:1 contrast, and vibrant 70 ANSI brightness, this convenient device is perfect for watching movies and TV shows in your backyard or in any low-light setting.

Roconia Home Theater 9000 Lumens Projector

Transform your yard space with this high-performance home theater projector, featuring a crisp 1080p resolution and an ultra-bright 9000 lm LCD display that can project crystal clear visuals for your next gathering.

Wewatch 230″ Class FHD (1080P) LED Projector

This V53 Pro Projector is brighter, sharper, and way more connected than your average projector. You can enjoy killer 1080p visuals with 4K support, plus super-fast Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth to keep everything running smoothly.

Kodak Pico 200 Lumens Portable Projector

Enjoy big-screen entertainment on the go with this ultra-portable Kodak projector. It comes with a 150-inch maximum display, plus 200 lm brightness for clear, crisp content wherever you are.

ELEPHAS 4K Mini Projector

Dive into ultra-HD with this cool projector that comes with 1920x1080P resolution, full 4K decoding, and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. Experience the best of the best in cinematic audio and visuals.

Vankyo X3 Native 1080P FHD Vertical Projector

This teeny tiny projector is actually a powerhouse in a palm-sized package. With its sleek vertical design, 1080p FHD clarity, and 300 ANSI lumens, it projects images from 50 to 250 inches with ease.

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