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Outdoors Backyard Firepit Ideas For A Cozy Fall Night

8 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

September 28, 2023 at 9:22 PM PST
Outdoors Backyard Firepit Ideas For A Cozy Fall Night

8 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

September 28, 2023 at 9:22 PM PST

Looking to add some coziness to your backyard? Fire pits are the perfect addition for family gatherings, parties with friends and s’mores with the kids. This cozy outdoor space makes for comfortable conversation and relaxation. And with the season change upon us, there’s nothing like drinking warm apple cider and roasting marshmallows over the fire while enjoying laughter and fun moments with the ones you care about.

Creating the perfect flow in this space is important and will make your guests feel more comfortable. Decor, the type of fire pit, soft furniture and lighting are all important factors to consider when designing a fire pit space. A backyard fire pit doesn’t have to break the bank either. There are both expensive and inexpensive options available at your local home improvement stores.

Here are eight backyard fire pit ideas that make entertaining a breeze on a crisp fall night.

A Castle-like Fire Pit

An stone fire pit for outdoor backyard fire pit ideas. Pictured: Kids around a fire pit.

If you want a castle-like feel, a fire pit with a classic stone look will make a perfect addition to your backyard. This type of fire pit creates a warm ambience in your outdoor area. They are very sturdy and durable and pair well with outdoor decorations like plants, flowers, rocks, fountains, birdhouses and more. Amazon’s outdoor fire pit or Lowes Oldcastle Ashland Concrete Fire Pit will bring out the beauty of your backyard space.

Smokeless Fire Pit for a Backyard Fire Pit Idea

Use a smokeless fire pit to start an easy fire. This backyard fire pit idea is convenient. Pictured: A smokeless fire pit.

For quick-starting fires, go with a smokeless fire pit. This type of fire pit makes for easy use, as you don’t need batteries or a fan, it’s just powered by logs. The Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 from Dick’s Sporting Goods is portable and durable, and the good thing about smokeless fire pits is that the campfire and burning smell don’t stick to your clothes or furniture.

A Backyard Statement Piece

Create a backyard fire pit idea by adding a statement fire pit. Pictured: A fire pit.

Turn your backyard into a work of art or a show with a statement-piece fire pit. Showcasing a fire pit that is a statement piece creates a nice and elegant atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne while gathering around to connect. With this statement piece, adding decor like gorgeous hydrangea, azalea flowers and stones will give your backyard a classic touch.

If you are looking to invest a little more into this space, a flat-screen television, screen porch or patio gazebo around the fire pit will add even more character. Decorating with sofas and chairs will make your friends and family want to sit around the fire every night. Wayfair’s Koby Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table is a great option for a high-quality statement fire pit.

Gather Around the Fire

Gather around the fire for some cozy conversation. This fire pit table makes a great backyard fire pit idea. Pictured: Chairs around a table fire pit.

Create memories and sit around the crackling fire with a fire pit table. Usually square in design, this backyard fire pit idea is great for those one-on-one and group conversations. Whether you are gathering around the table to eat dinner, drink warm tea, or just sit around the fire, these fire pits are typically easy to assemble and are multifunctional. With inexpensive options from Walmart, creating the perfect setting that is both beautiful and cozy is definitely within reach.

A Wall Fire Pit?

A wall fire place.

An elegant and cozy backyard fire pit idea perfect for the cool fall season is a wall fire pit. These fire pits are very thin and remote-operated, making them perfect for people who want all the comfort without the work. Not only do these fire pits heat up the space, but they are also quiet and usually feature a glass-like window for viewing. Add a few wicker patio furniture sets with cushions and cozy up with your friends. This backyard fire pit idea is perfect for hosting your next book club, a happy hour, a family game night and more. Amazon’s Linear Electric Fireplace  is the perfect start in your hunt for wall fire pits.

Fire Pits, S’mores and Memories

Do you enjoy making s'mores and hearing the crackling of the fire going? Gather around the fire for this backyard fire pit idea. Pictured: A marshmallow roasting over a fire.

A metal fire bowl with logs and gravel will make you feel like you’re a kid at summer camp, roasting marshmallows over the fire and making s’mores. This type of fire pit is made of steel and cast iron and makes your outdoor area feel more spacious. Perfect for a beach house or a home in the suburbs, this backyard fire pit idea is meant for those looking for an inexpensive and reliable option. The Howland Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit makes for a great fire pit for those who are just starting out and looking to enhance their outdoor space.

Poolside Views with a Fire Pit

Pool with a fireplace.

If you love sitting by a body of water to relax, talk, listen to music, sleep or hang out with friends, this idea is perfect, especially for the fall season. This backyard fire pit idea obviously requires a pool, but you’ll need a few additional items too. Add a fire pit of your choice near your pool area. Make sure the fire is not too close, but not too far away. Add a couple of wicker chairs around the fire pit, and make the space even cozier with some string lights.

All the Shapes for All the Fire Pits

Backyard fire pit next to a triangle shaped house.

If you are looking to create a funky fire pit outdoor space, creating a custom fire pit might be the perfect option for you. With this backyard fire pit idea, you can craft a fire pit in any shape you want. While a triangle shape is most popular and fitting, you can choose to customize your space any way you want. When adding a bold shape for a custom look, it is best to go with furniture that contrasts with that. Simple and modern patio furniture in gray, brown or white shades pairs nicely with this design.



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