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Living Room Spring Feng Shui

7 Feng Shui Tips for a Calm, Spring Space

Enter the season of growth and renewal in harmony.

March 27, 2024 at 3:48 PM PST

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice, emphasizes harmony and balance between people and their environments. “Feng” means “wind,” and “shui” means “water.” So, the term translates to “the way of wind and water,” mirroring the ebb and flow existing in nature. Its simplistic design principles enhance your overall quality of life by improving the energy in your home and enabling you to feel more connected to everything around you.

The philosophy stems from the Taoist belief in chi — or the energy that permeates all living things. The feng shui home aims to bring good to all aspects of your life, allowing chi to flow effortlessly within your space. It puts us in a better frame of mind, which is why interior designers and wellness enthusiasts can both swear by its principles.

While the aesthetic’s promise of a healthier and happier you is alluring, it requires several steps to achieve. From how to arrange your living room to the best color to paint your kitchen cabinets, feng shui can help you curate a comfortable home. Here’s how it works:

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Five Elements

Feng shui principles focus on the five elements: earth, water, metal, wood, and fire. Generally, each corresponds to different qualities, shapes, colors, seasons, and areas on the Bagua map (more on that in a sec!). Your design should balance the elements for the ultimate energy flow.

Bagua Map

“Bagua” means “eight areas.” The Bagua map is divided into eight sections, each representing a different facet of your life — family, career, wealth, knowledge, love, children, and helpful people — with the center box reserved for you. Based on where you seek improvement in your life, you will apply the related principles to your design scheme. Start by laying the map over the floor plan of your space with the front door at the bottom of the page.

Since spring embodies renewal and growth, it holds particular significance in feng shui. Keep reading for seven tips on surrounding yourself with positive energy this season.

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Spring Feng Shui

1. Clean and declutter.

Spring cleaning is not just an annual tradition; it’s an essential feng shui practice. Clear out clutter from your home to allow fresh energy to flow freely. Donate or toss items you no longer need or love.

2. Let in fresh air and natural light.

Open windows to invite in fresh air and natural light. Fresh air in your home revitalizes the energy, while sunlight brings warmth and positivity.

3. Refresh your decor.

Embrace spring decor, such as fresh flowers, vibrant colors, and lightweight fabrics. Choose pastel hues and floral patterns to reflect the season’s energy.

4. Nourish plants.

As nature grows again in spring, pay attention to your indoor plants. Trim dead leaves, repot if necessary, and fertilize to encourage health. Thriving plants symbolize vitality and abundance.

5. Celebrate new beginnings.

Spring is a time of fresh starts. Set intentions for the season, like starting a project, pursuing personal growth or fostering better relationships. Create a vision board or designate a space in your home to manifest your aspirations.

6. Activate the wood element.

In feng shui, the wood element signals spring. Incorporate woods, or colors such as brown, into your decor through accents, artwork, or furniture.

7. Tend to your garden.

If you have a garden or patio space, apply feng shui principles to optimize its energy flow. Keep it well-maintained, add bright flowers, and create seating areas to bask in the rejuvenating energy of spring outdoors.

Although feng shui works wonders amid spring’s lively energy, the aesthetic applies to all seasons. As with every interior design style, add touches that exude your creativity. No matter how much positive energy fills your home, you won’t spend as much time there if you’re not in love with it. So, always remember to use guidelines as a foundation, but ultimately, make it your own!



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