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Decorate Classy Casita

Why This “Plantfluencer's" Home and Lifestyle Brand Is One To Watch

Classy Casita is the ultimate place for plant lovers of all levels.

July 3, 2024 at 7:11 PM PST
Decorate Classy Casita

Why This “Plantfluencer's" Home and Lifestyle Brand Is One To Watch

Classy Casita is the ultimate place for plant lovers of all levels.

July 3, 2024 at 7:11 PM PST

There are plenty of home and lifestyle brands that compete for your attention on the daily, but only few are worthwhile enough to make a lasting connection. One brand that takes this philosophy to heart is Classy Casita, a plant care company from the creative mind of “plantfluencer” Emily Sanchez. As a plant lover herself, she offers all the indoor plant accessories you need to create a thriving plant collection—and a stylish, joy-filled home.

With links to shop Emily’s home and her favorite trendy pieces, plus a blog filled with travel, lifestyle, plant and interior design inspo, Classy Casita is making waves in the home space—and you’ll want to be a part of it. As a Latinx-owned brand, her inspiration is rooted in her cultural heritage to bring you not just plant products and accessories, but also a warm, inclusive community for plant lovers and home decor enthusiasts alike.

We tapped Emily herself to share a glimpse of the details behind the brand, what drives her creative vision and what she sees for the future of Classy Casita.

Photo credit: Lindy Lin

Home & Texture: Can you tell us what inspired your interest in home decor and plants?

Emily Sanchez: My mom and traveling are what inspired me and keep inspiring me, as well as my interest in home decor and plants. I grew up seeing my mom always tend to her plants and garden, decorating the house and collecting home and garden magazines. We are so alike, and I love how we can bond and connect this way.

Traveling has also been amazing because it has taught me so much about other cultures, including my own when visiting Mexico. It’s an amazing way to get to know yourself and your style. You can learn that you love something you might have never known about if you hadn’t traveled.

H&T: How would you describe your style?

ES: I would describe my style as a “millennial señora.” I am at that age where I love my culture’s style more and more, and certain decor pieces bring a sense of nostalgia to my home. Mixing some pieces that are authentic to me and my culture with some new pieces that I find makes the decorating process so much more fulfilling.

Photo(s) credit: Emily Sanchez

H&T: How has your personal journey and cultural background inspired your design choices?

ES: I live in a Spanish-style home and pretty much always knew I wanted to live in a Spanish-style home because, to me, there is nothing that feels cozier. So, having this type of architecture with colors and textures that connect me to my cultural background makes for the perfect combination. For example, terracotta tones and plant pots hint at bright colors like pinks, blues, greens and oranges as well as dark woods, textiles, pottery and plants.

H&T: What inspired you to share your passion with others on social media? How did this journey lead you to start Classy Casita?

ES: Classy Casita started as a blog and a hobby because, at the time, I felt like I was missing social connections in my life. I came across plant bloggers, and I knew I wanted to share my love for plants as a way to connect with people. Then shortly after I began to share my passion for home decor, I wanted to find a way to show people my authentic self so I began to show even more pieces of my life.

Photo credit: Classy Casita

H&T: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for Classy Casita, and how do you envision its trajectory and growth in the landscape of home and lifestyle brands?

ES: I hope to see Classy Casita as more of a full lifestyle brand. Right now, my main products have been my plant care products. However, I would really love to expand into more home decor and lifestyle products that stay authentic to my Latinx heritage. I also want my blog within my shop to evolve and have my website be a reference to other things you may be interested in learning about and have it be relatable to my demographic of not only the Latinx community but all women who love home decor, travel, and living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

H&T: Tell us what you love most about Classy Casita and why.

ES: I just love that it began and is evolving as a space for me to share my different loves. Whether that’s plants, home decor, travel, or lifestyle, people who feel connected to it and connected to me because we share these interests are so fulfilling. All I want is for people to find some happiness from my products and content to bring into their homes.

This article has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.


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