The Ultimate Home Remodel Checklist: 9 Things You Need Before You Swing One Hammer
DIY Home Remodel Checklist: Everything You Need

The Ultimate Home Remodel Checklist: 9 Things You Need Before You Swing One Hammer

January 29, 2023 at 3:00 PM PST
Updated on October 9, 2023 at 3:00 PM PST
DIY Home Remodel Checklist: Everything You Need

The Ultimate Home Remodel Checklist: 9 Things You Need Before You Swing One Hammer

January 29, 2023 at 3:00 PM PST
Updated on October 9, 2023 at 3:00 PM PST

There is a lot of work that goes into a home renovation. First, you have to establish the project’s budget, necessary supplies and estimated timeline. Then, you have to decide if you’ll be handling the work yourself or relying on an interior designer and contractor to help.

If you decide to work with a team, you’ll then create a master style directory to house all your color and pattern swatches, and create a design plan. Next, you will need to research the necessary permits and licensing for your home remodel. Before you green light your renovations, your final step will be to put it on paper and get your plans outlined in a written contract.

If you are more of the do-it-yourself type, no contract will be necessary but you will need to have a design plan in order, including all your style choices. You may also still need to pull permits (you could save money choosing to do this yourself). And it can’t hurt to write down the timeline for your project to keep yourself on schedule.

Just reading all the necessary steps might leave you feeling overwhelmed. You’re probably hearing Rihanna sing “work, work, work, work” in your mind right now, but don’t allow your brain to go into overdrive. Thinking through your home remodel before it starts will help minimize future trouble spots and keep your spending and time on track.

For those choosing the DIY route, you will also need a home renovation checklist. That’s right — make a list of supplies and check it twice. Before you can swing a hammer, add a fresh coat of paint or gut the kitchen, gather all the necessary supplies. We did some of the work for you and put together the ultimate home remodel checklist. Before you know it, you and your house will be home renovation goals.

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Home Remodel Checklist

1Steel Hammer With Ripping Claw

Once you’re in the demolition phase, a good hammer is your friend. Made from a piece of solid steel, the ESTWING Ultra Series Hammer comes with a 15 oz smooth face, short handle rip claw and a black handle made from alloy steel. The handle’s shock reduction grip creates a dimpled texture that is comfortable, durable and reduces impact vibration by 70%. This tool makes for a one-handed, fast, accurate and convenient hammering action.

2Tool Pouch

You will need a place to store your tools and supplies. For a multicompartment, easy-to-access tool pouch, try the SGCB Canvas Tool Waist Bag. Made from premier Nylon oxford, this tool pouch is durable, dirt-proof and water-resistant. It also has a large capacity and comes with eight pockets, perfect for storing your tools as you change rooms, take tools out and put them away for this DIY project. The waist pouch is also adjustable and can easily fit anyone on your demolition crew.

3Demolition Bar

A demolition bar is an essential tool for any remodeling project. It’s used to lever, pry, lift and demolish objects, as well as for removing nails. Ask any professional contractor, and they will tell you that an Estwing's I-beam bar is king when it comes to construction. Try the Estwing PB-18 22 Oz 18" Pry Bar, as it is perfect for smaller projects like window and door trim, molding and baseboard. This demolition bar provides ample leverage, a comfortable grip and nice sharp edges that get between the tightest of boards without damaging surfaces.

4Step Ladder

Buckets and boxes are not meant to be your step stool. For safety, you will need a true ladder. For smaller projects, you might just need a step stool, and for larger and outdoor projects, try an extension ladder. If you decide to buy a step ladder, then check out the HBTower 3 Step Ladder. This sturdy, portable and lightweight steel ladder comes with a convenient handgrip and a metal safe buckle that automatically locks in place.

5Extension Cords

For all those power tools, you are going to need to be connected to an electrical outlet. Be sure to have multiple extension cords in varying lengths. It is good to have a 50 ft. extension cord, as well as a smaller, 25 ft. extension cord. You’ll need to also be certain that the gauge wire is large enough to handle the amperage of your power tools. Extension cords come in a wide variety of lengths and price ranges, so it really depends on what your renovation needs are. Try the 50 ft outdoor extension cord from the Addlon Store. Its thick wire is waterproof and has a 16 AWG three prong.

6Exterior Push Broom

It’s important to keep your work site clean in order to stay safe. In addition to an exterior push broom, you need a hand broom and a dust pan. Try the MASTERTOP Floor Scrub Brush. This 24” heavy duty broom has stiff bristles to pick up all the stray scraps, dirt, gravel and pieces of trash. More efficient than 50% of typical brooms, the soft border can pick up the smallest particles and finest dust.

8Drop Cloths

If you’re painting inside, you will want to purchase a few painter’s canvas drop cloths. They are perfect for protecting furniture and surfaces while you work. The heavy purpose canvas drop cloth by CCS Chicago Canvas & Supply is thick and dense. It's made out of a highly absorbent cotton material that prevents paint from seeping through and ruining your furniture or floors. The best part is, unlike plastic tarps, you can pop it in the washer and dryer and use it again and again.

9Safety Goggles

Last but certainly not least, you will need safety glasses to protect your eyes and face. Be sure to get multiple pairs as it’s easy for them to get cracked, dirty, foggy or lost. Try the Safety Glasses BULK PACK, which are scratch and impact resistant and come in multiple colors.




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