It’s Black Business Month, So Let’s Go Shopping and #BuyBlack!
News Sponsored It’s Black Business Month, So Let’s Go Shopping and #BuyBlack!

It’s Black Business Month, So Let’s Go Shopping and #BuyBlack!

August 18, 2023 at 6:49 PM PST
News Sponsored It’s Black Business Month, So Let’s Go Shopping and #BuyBlack!

It’s Black Business Month, So Let’s Go Shopping and #BuyBlack!

August 18, 2023 at 6:49 PM PST

“Do you know what [this month] is?” Since 2004, August has been earmarked as an opportunity to celebrate Black business owners and entrepreneurs in. In honor of Black Business Month, Amazon has introduced an updated Buy Black Store, which this year is themed “Black Is Remarkable – A Celebration of Black Culture.”

The branded microsite delivers by not only showcasing dope brands and their unique wares; but also spotlighting the dedicated creatives and business mavens behind them. The site also leads to an Entertainment page, where shoppers can discover new authors, shows and films, and even merch from some of their faves; as well as a designated destination for Black business owners who might be interested in partnering with Amazon in the future.

Let’s be for real though: we were there to shop! Check out some of our favorite finds:

ZaveryCakes NBA: LeBron James #23- Los Angeles Lakers – Pancake and Egg Breakfast Silicone Mold
Take “Breakfast of Champions” to the next level by putting LeBron James’ jersey on your plate. These sturdy, reusable molds are super easy to use, making it a great way to turn cooking time into family fun. The line of ZaveryCakes NBA molds – which also includes team logos and the jerseys of other NBA stars – can be used for much more than breakfast. Imagine LeBron s’mores, brownies, biscuits… the possibilities are almost endless.

Trovety High Heel Wine Stopper Custom
Friend, if no one told you, it has been timeout for trying to preserve your favorite bottle of wine by fighting to re-insert its cork. Wine stoppers have been around for quite some time; but who says the functional things in your kitchen have to be boring? Certainly not the good folks at Trovety, who make all types of cute wine accessories, from Wine Rack Holders to Aerators. For us, however, it was all about using this cute pink stiletto to bring a little razzle to our wine parties.

WiredMonkey Nightstand Organizer for Men with Non-Slip Base
If you or someone you love can’t ever seem to find the most vital day-to-day items in your life – keys, glasses, cell phone charges, and so on – WiredMonkey has just the thing for you. This elegant, high quality organizer is compatible with all wireless phones and their accessories. In addition to helping you fight clutter and stay organized, the non-slip base ensures you won’t have to worry about damaging your prized surfaces either.

Dear Sally Two-In-One Under Sink Organizer
Our parasocial cousins may have deemed plastic bag hoarding to be an African-American tradition, but that doesn’t mean we have to make the messiness of it all part of our collective history! This beautifully crafted bamboo kitchen accessory can be mounted inside a cabinet door, on a wall, or wherever you most often find yourself reaching for plastic bags. The organizer features designated slots for plastic grocery bags and trash bags as big as 30 gallons. Go ahead and grab an extra one for your favorite auntie.

Beckon Ware Oven Safe Splatter Guard
Have you ever found yourself dreading frying anything at home because of the childhood trauma of hot grease splattering onto your skin? Or maybe what you dread most is having to clean that splatter oil off of your stovetop afterwards? Either way, Beckon Ware’s Splatter Guard is the answer to your prayers, allowing you to fry with abandon. And it does way more than that: this versatile tool can be used as a strainer, cooling mat, a pan steamer, and more.

Fablinks Preppy Stuff Bag
Adding a nostalgic touch to an item we need is almost always a surefire way of beating out the competition. And this adorable makeup pouch/ “stuff” bag falls right into that category. Not only is it keeping the theme of our pink summer going, but the letterman style patches are giving the purest prep school vibes. And by calling it a “stuff” bag, Fablinks has freed us to assign this adorable pouch whatever purpose we’d like.

Chesserfeld Luxury Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug
Watch any home decor show and you’ll soon come to the realization that statement accessories are often the key to pulling a room together. Chesterfield’s Amazon store is full of gorgeous, lush, faux fur rugs and pillows that are not only animal friendly but wallet friendly as well. And while you might hesitate at the thought of throwing this cream sheepskin rug onto your floor, this and all of the brands products are machine washable!

Shop Amazon’s entire Black Is Remarkable: A Celebration of Black Culture store HERE.



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