Ready To Commit? 5 Next Steps To Moving In Together
Home Spaces Moving In Together Ideas

Ready To Commit? 5 Next Steps To Moving In Together

January 27, 2023 at 8:59 PM PST
Home Spaces Moving In Together Ideas

Ready To Commit? 5 Next Steps To Moving In Together

January 27, 2023 at 8:59 PM PST

Moving in together with your significant other can be a big life milestone and a major decision to make. But before taking this step, it’s important to consider how you can make the transition smoother.

Living together with your partner can help strengthen your bond as a couple by allowing you to spend more quality time together. You can share expenses such as rent, utilities, and groceries which can also be a financial advantage too. Having someone there when you need them may provide emotional support and comfort during difficult times.

The Challenges of Moving In Together

While taking the next step in your relationship is exciting, the process of moving in together also has its drawbacks. Merging two households takes time and effort, so its not always easy or straightforward. From deciding where to put furniture to compromising on the number of house plants you both can have, there are many potential conflicts to navigate.

Additionally, living together may mean having to sacrifice some privacy and make adjustments in order to reduce noise and disruption. Depending on the size of the living space, it can be difficult to find a balance between having your own area and that of your partner’s.

That being said, compromising is key in any relationship regardless if you’re sharing a living space or not. Moreover, couples should also agree on financial responsibilities beforehand to avoid disagreements.

Living together may also require budgeting for additional utilities such as electricity and water since there will be two people occupying one place.

Ready To Commit? 5 Next Steps To Moving In Together

Moving in together as a couple is an exciting experience. Not only is it a great time to get to know your significant other on an even deeper level, but it also offers tons of opportunities for growth and exploration. Here are five steps to take to make moving in together a more seamless transition.

When Moving in Together, Talk Timing

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When it comes to moving in together, timing is important. Because the move-in process can be arduous, couples planning to take their relationship to the next step should consider a move-in date that works for both partners.

Attending school, preparing for an upcoming work project, or other important obligations can interfere with your moving plans so it’s a good idea plan for a time when your schedule is clear.

If pushing the move-in date is out of the question, try creating a timeline to ensure that everything moves along as according to plan. This can also help make the moving process more organized and efficient.

Budget Accordingly

Moving in together costs money. From purchasing moving equipment to hiring professional movers, transitioning into another living space can really take a toll on your wallet. And for many couples, their relationship suffers as a result.

To prevent this, consider creating a budget to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the various moving expenses. Remember to set aside money for miscellaneous expenses that are often easy to forget such as travel costs, storage services, packing supplies or if you’re moving into a brand new place, potential repairs as well.

Assign Chores Ahead of Time

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A common hangup that many couples have when first moving in together is adjusting to life as a unit. Household chores such as washing dishes, grocery shopping, and money management can become a source of contention between partners who have certain expectations for how things should be done.

To avoid this, plan ahead by assigning household chores in advance. You can do so by creating a list of household chores, then discussing which ones you or your partner can tackle. For example, if your partner is great with money, perhaps they can handle the finances. Or if one of you hates washing dishes, the other can handle that task instead.

Consider a Cohabitation Agreement

If marriage isn’t on your radar at all, it’s a wise decision to draft a cohabitation agreement before you take the plunge and move in together. This will ensure  financial security for both of your and make the process of splitting assets much smoother should an unfortunate event occur that results in a separation.  

When writing your cohabitation agreement, make sure to cover all of the details about each party. This should include names, addresses, and contact information. You should also list the assets each party owns, including any shared property. This can include bank accounts, investments, real estate, and other valuables like cars, jewelry or artwork. 

Next, clarify your expectations for how any bills will be paid and if contributions are expected from both parties. This should also include any details about rental agreements if you’re renting a property together. Keep in mind that items can be given to one person as part of the agreement, so this should be noted too. Once all of the details have been included, you should both sign and date the agreement. 

For more help, consider seeking advice from a legal professional who can help you prepare a proper agreement.

Less is More

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When you are relocating, it is common to have a substantial amount of items. Unfortunately, your new space might not be able to accommodate them all. For this reason, forming a single household calls for some decisive decisions. 

You can start by assessing your own furniture, wall hangings, and kitchen items before bringing in your partner to provide feedback on what will or won’t fit into the new place.

And instead of overstuffing or throwing away what isn’t necessary, why not donate the extra belongings? This way you can provide help to someone in need while reducing clutter and stress!



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