Cortisol Cocktail: A Yummy Drink With All The Health Benefits
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Cortisol Cocktail: A Yummy Drink With All The Health Benefits

February 27, 2024 at 5:01 AM PST

Life can be stressful sometimes. From work stresses to your social life to pets and kids to money, there are many triggers in life that can sometimes take over. These stresses can even lead to poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, anxiety, fatigue and burnout.

There are remedies to help balance your stress, including exercise yoga, healthy eating and healthy drinks. One way to promote less stress is to support your adrenal system. This system is important for maintaining blood pressure, hormone regulation and stress regulation. The adrenal cortisol cocktail is great for supporting your system and leading a healthy, stress-free life.

So what exactly is a cortisol cocktail? Well for starters, this cocktail is actually a mocktail. It doesn’t contain any alcohol, which makes it even healthier and better for you. Here’s how to make a cortisol cocktail.

What’s In the Cortisol Cocktail?

The ingredients in a cortisol cocktail are healthy for the body and cause less stress and anxiety. Pictured: Freshly squeezed orange juice

This delicious mocktail has a way to fight off fatigue, stress and anxiety because of the combination of sodium, potassium, Vitamin C and magnesium in the drink. Here’s what you need to make this drink and include it in your everyday routine.

What You’ll Need:

  • Orange Juice
  • Fresh Lemon or Lime Juice
  • Coconut Water
  • Salt
  • Coconut Milk
  • Ginger (optional)
  • Cream of Tartar (optional)

How to Make It: Combine your orange juice, coconut water and coconut milk in a glass. Add a pinch of salt to the drink. Cut a lemon or lime in half and add the juice of it to your glass. Stir, add ice and enjoy.

Benefits of the Cortisol Cocktail

Lemon and lime juice are a major ingredient in the cortisol cocktail that enhance Vitamin C intake. Picture: fresh lemon and lime

Of course, less stress is a great benefit, but the cortisol cocktail has other benefits as well. For starters, it balances your hormones to make you feel less stressed and more energized throughout the day. The ginger, coconut milk and cream of tartar in the cocktail provide potassium, while the lemon and lime juice and orange juice provide rich vitamin C.

The ingredients in this mocktail provide us with the rich nutrients that our bodies need that we might not be getting on a daily basis. The adrenal cocktail helps replenish the adrenal glands, giving you an energy boost and signaling your body to relax and de-stress.

Can I Drink Adrenal Cortisol Cocktails?

Can everyone drink a cortisol cocktail? Let's break it down here. Pictured: A tree with oranges

Like every human being, there are limits to what we can and can’t eat or drink. Adrenal cocktails work well for those dealing with stress and anxiety, but what about those with other health issues and conditions? If you have symptoms of adrenal fatigue, which include weight gain, extreme fatigue and insomnia, see a doctor or medical provider.

Do not treat your symptoms on your own with this drink, as you do not want to delay getting the proper medical attention and help needed. If you need to limit potassium in your diet due to health concerns or issues, it’s best to leave a few of the ingredients out or find an alternative instead. For those with diabetes, it might be best to limit your intake or steer clear of this mocktail, because of the sugar content in the juices.

Those at risk of high blood pressure may need to adjust ingredients or intake as well. Since high salt intake isn’t good for blood pressure, either leave the salt out or limit your intake of this beverage. Considering the fact that most people eat foods with a regular or high amount of salt, you definitely do not want to drink it either.



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