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8 Things You'll Learn Living in a Studio Apartment

Because living small leads to big lessons in efficiency and creativity.

February 20, 2024 at 6:35 PM PST

Living on your own is a big step. If you’re not quite ready to own yet, chances are you’re on the hunt for your next apartment. Maybe you’re taking the leap to see what it’s like not to have roommates, just moved to a new city and trying to get your feet on the ground or downsize. Whatever your situation may be, you’ll be faced with the decision—how many rooms should your next place have? If two or more bedrooms is out of your price range or not necessarily practical for your lifestyle, that leaves you with either a studio or a one-bedroom. Of course, studios typically come at a smaller price point than the latter, but is it really worth sacrificing the extra space? To help you make the decision, here are eight things you’ll learn living in a studio apartment.

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1. You’ll learn to live with less.

With limited space, you’re compelled to reassess your possessions and prioritize what truly adds value to your life. If you’ve recently moved to the area and are starting over with nothing, this could be a great idea. You won’t feel the pressure to fill your space with “stuff” except for the essentials. If you do have to pick and choose between your things, you’ll have some decisions to make. In a studio, nearly every single item serves a purpose, whether functional or decorative. You must live with less, because if not, the place can get quickly cluttered.

But as you let go of excess belongings, you’ll discover a newfound sense of freedom and contentment in living with just the essentials. What does that look like? If you don’t have space for a sofa and a bed, a daybed can serve both purposes, for example. If you absolutely can’t part with all of your personal things, a storage unit can hold your extra items until you’re ready for a bigger space.

2. Cleaning is a dream.

Cleaning marathons that consume entire weekends? Not a chance in this space with less square footage. While things can get cluttered in the blink of an eye, cleaning up takes a fraction of the time when you’re working with one big space. There’s less floor to Swiffer, less countertops to wipe down and less corners for dust to accumulate. If you can’t stand cleaning, these chores can take you minutes to complete so you can enjoy a fresh, clean home almost instantly. And, on the days when you do want to deep clean, that won’t be as daunting, either. If you’ve got a busy lifestyle, travel for work frequently or are just rarely home, this is a great option for you.

3. You’ll master the art of organization and storage.

The key to successful studio living lies in mastering the art of organization. Every inch of space becomes precious, and you learn how to get clever with ways to store and organize things. Think ottomans with built-in storage, over-the-door organizers for shoes and bathroom items, hanging mirrors with jewelry storage, under-the-bed storage with rolling bins, and fabric shelf organizers for your closet that can double as a laundry hamper. Shelves also become your best friend as you discover using vertical space to your advantage. You’ll quickly become adept at transforming clutter into curated organization.

Plants in apartment
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4. You’ll get creative with enhancing space with partitions and plants.

Depending on the layout of the studio, it might have a more spread-out style, but if not, there are a few tricks. You can create an illusion of space with folding wall partitions to break up certain areas or add some additional privacy. In addition to creating distinct zones for living, sleeping, and working, it also adds more visual interest. Next, incorporating plants to create a “plant wall partition” can help add more dimension. The addition of greenery also helps to visually expand the space, making it feel larger and more inviting. With these simple yet effective techniques, you can transform your studio into a multifunctional oasis that feels spacious and inviting.

5. You’ll learn how to navigate hosting in a smaller space.

Hosting guests in a studio apartment may initially seem impossible, and while it may be a challenge, it’s not impossible! Embrace the intimate atmosphere of your cozy abode and opt for flexible seating arrangements, such as floor cushions or multifunctional furniture to accommodate guests comfortably. Consider hosting smaller gatherings or intimate dinner parties where the focus is on meaningful connections rather than the size of the space.

6. It gets you out and exploring your city.

This is especially helpful if you’re new to the area. Even if you’re a homebody, having a studio apartment might inspire you to get out more to get some fresh air and feel more space.

Photo credit: Ziga Plahutar

7. You can decorate it really cute.

Living minimally will help reduce feeling cramped, but just because the area is smaller, that doesn’t mean it has to feel cold and uninviting! You can decorate studio apartments to feel like a cozy cocoon to retreat to after a long day. Mix in textures and patterns to add depth, a floor-length mirror or two to open up the space and wall art to make it feel like home.

8. It makes you appreciate the next place you move.

More than likely, living in a studio isn’t the end goal. You’ll be shocked at how quickly you’ll get comfortable in your new small home. Then, the next place you move will not only feel like a castle—even if it’s just a few hundred feet bigger with an additional bedroom—you’ll also feel incredibly grateful for every additional square foot.


Whether it’s luxury or ease, every area of your home should be as fabulous and unique as you.



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