I Can See Clearly Now: Acrylic Items For Every Room
Decorate Home Acrylic Household Items

I Can See Clearly Now: Acrylic Items For Every Room

February 16, 2023 at 5:25 PM PST
Decorate Home Acrylic Household Items

I Can See Clearly Now: Acrylic Items For Every Room

February 16, 2023 at 5:25 PM PST

If you happened to miss the memo, let us catch you up to speed –  acrylic household items are the hot ticket buy when it comes to home design trends. Acrylic decor continues to boom on social media, which isn’t surprising considering that you can find acrylic items for just about any room in your home. Think vases, coasters, dinner trays, desks, organizing trays, tissue boxes and nightstands. All acrylic everything!

The best part is that acrylic household items can fit in with just about any type of home decor. It works with a more elevated design like the modern style and clean lines of a contemporary design. Whether you’re a minimalist and your heart resonates with the “less is more” mentality or you’re an eclectic, free spirit who is all about bright and funky colors, acrylic materials are versatile and can fit any decor theme. This is exciting considering that one of the most popular trends in home decor in 2023 has been the reintroduction of bright colors and funky textiles and materials. This strays away from the neutral palettes that have dominated the home design landscape in recent years.

Using acrylic decor in your home

The key with acrylic household items, as with any trend, is to not go overboard. In order to ensure your acrylic decor pieces are timeless staples in your home, it’s important to layer. Also try to limit the use of acrylic household items to one or two  spaces in your home.

Celebrities do it too!

Take inspiration from Gabrielle’s Union small dining room decor where she expertly pairs two acrylic chairs with a table and centerpiece made of different materials. Mixing and matching materials is the key to creating the right balance of acrylic in your home.


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If you’re looking to dip your toe in the latest home decor trend and turn it into an effortless design statement, check out these household acrylic items.

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1Acrylic Mounted Shelves

Elevate your bathroom shelf experience with these acrylic mounted shelves from Vdomus. These shelves will help you save space and clear clutter. The simple and elegant design of these floating, bathroom shelves will fit any aesthetic. It’s simple to install, and the two pack set comes with mounting hardware and wall adhesive. Since they are clear, you’ll want to clean them regularly as this TikTok showcases the value of clean shelves in any bathroom.

2Acrylic Side Table

This acrylic household item is versatile and can be used as a nightstand in your bedroom or as a side table, magazine stand or drink table in any room in your house. It’s perfect for smaller living spaces or rooms and can truly take your home decor to the next level.

3Acrylic Floral Vase

This acrylic home item is an innovative and modern piece that will be an instant show stopper in your home. It’s a great way to showcase your flowers as a centerpiece on your table, and it includes 24 holes that can fit either fresh or artificial flowers. You also won’t have to worry about it breaking since it’s 100% acrylic. It’s easy to clean, lightweight and durable. Check out how to arrange your flowers in the vase on TikTok.

3Acrylic Makeup Organizer

A simple and neat design, this acrylic makeup organizer from DreamGenius includes three components: 12 lipstick storage compartments, four open storage compartments and four drawers. Perfect for storing your makeup or favorite jewelry, the organizer can also be disassembled and stacked freely as you desire.

5Knife Set With Acrylic Stand

On TikTok, this innovative acrylic knife stand is all the buzz. Sleek and elegant, the acrylic knife stand is an instant upgrade from the typical wooden block. In addition to the acrylic stand, this set by MIDONE includes a 17-piece knife set, scissors, a peeler and a knife sharpener. The acrylic stand is a modern take on the classic knife stand, and the material makes it easy to clean and maintain.

6Acrylic Desk

There’s not enough that we can say about how much we love this acrylic desk from STAUBER. Made from 100% premium acrylic, the modern design features like the waterfall edge and the curves of the desk add peace and elegance to any space.

7Acrylic Food Tray

If you are looking for a multi-functional household item, look no further than this acrylic serving tray from Isaac Jacobs. You can use it to serve drinks or meals or to store bathroom supplies and toiletries. The 11”x 17” tray is made of Lucite and has metal handles that make transporting it from room to room simple and hassle free, and it's easy to assemble! Check out how to put it together here.



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