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7 Ways To Bring Good Luck Into Your Home

By incorporating a few key design elements, you can create a space that'll keep the good vibes flowing in.

March 19, 2024 at 6:43 PM PST

Believing in luck may not be something you’d immediately associate with home decor, but it can play a significant role in how we design our spaces. Whether you’re someone who knocks on wood to ward off bad luck or avoids splitting poles, these actions stem from a common desire for positivity and good energy. This philosophy extends to interior design, where many designers and homeowners draw inspiration from Feng Shui principles to create harmonious and rejuvenating environments. By incorporating a few key design elements aligned with these principles, you can not only avoid negative energy but also invite prosperity and good fortune into your home.

7 Ways To Bring Good Luck into Your Home

1. Paint your front door.

Particular colors can heavily affect our moods and behaviors, and we can thank color psychology for that. According to Feng Shui principles, painting your front door a lucky color will play a major part in just how lucky you are. Colors like black, blue, red, orange, brown, green, white and grey can bring great fortune. Reds feel bold, black feels modern, and green makes for a grounding effect. This is a great opportunity to refresh your home for the year ahead and open the door to good luck as well.

2. Declutter your space on a regular basis.

A Feng Shui principle that will always stand true is decluttering your space. Removing unwanted items in your home only allows more space to bring in new pieces. By doing this, not only are you creating an organized and tidy area, but you’re also promoting positive energy flow. With clutter comes chaos, and with organization comes order.

Photo credit: Katrin Bolovtsova

3. Incorporate elephant figurines somewhere.

Small decorative figurines allow you to fill up a space and offer personality through decor choice. Using elephant figurines is a great way to welcome good luck into your home. They represent wisdom and loyalty while also embodying protection and good fortune. You can add a tiny ornament or figurine to display on a table or shelf. It’s an especially good thing when the trunk is facing up.

4. Incorporate water elements.

Water represents the flow of life and is associated with prosperity. Sounds soothing, right? You can consider introducing a water aquarium or investing in a water fountain. This is a powerful element in interior design that will surely create a tranquil space and sense of calmness.

Photo credit: Emily Powers

5. Display a fruit bowl.

Did you know that displaying a bowl of fruit, specifically oranges, is another way to bring in good luck? Feng Shui recommends having nine oranges in a bowl displayed in your living room or kitchen.

6. Decorate with bamboo.

Plants will always be one of the best ways to add a natural element and a grounding effect. While there are numerous plants that are beneficial to your home, the bamboo plant is one that specifically brings peace and good spirits. Decorating with bamboo can be as simple as adding a bamboo plant to your coffee table or as unique as implementing it into your accent wall. Whatever you decide, allow this plant to elevate any room.

7. Hang a horseshoe.

Horseshoes are a universal symbol of good luck. For a rustic or country-themed touch, hang it anywhere in your place to keep the good vibes flowing in. Be sure to hang it with the open ends pointing up to capture the good luck. They’re typically placed above the door and thought to create a feel-good space.


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