Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson Talk Marriage and Design
DIY Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson DIY

D-I-Why or D-I-Why Not: Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson Talk Marriage, Design And Which Home DIY Projects To Skip

March 22, 2023 at 7:17 PM PST

Life is good for husband-and-wife design team, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson. The duo’s hit HGTV show, “Married To Real Estate”, is wrapping up its second season and has been renewed for a third. On the show, the couple tackles home renovations in Metro Atlanta. Egypt is the real estate and design expert while Michael handles the construction aspects of their projects. The two have found a healthy balance between work and relationship and it shows on camera. But Mike says it’s not always so simple.

“Sometimes we’ll bring the laptop to bed trying to close a deal or create a new design and I’m like nope, nope. This is my time,” Mike joked about juggling boundaries. “One of the things we tend to do is date constantly. Or if we need to take a quick hour in a closet to get a little smoochin’ in. It’s important that we work or else everything else is not going to work.”

As seen on Married to Real Estate, hosts Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod pose for a photo in the newly renovated and designed basement bar and living area of their own home.
Courtesy: HGTV

Building Client Trust

On the hour-long show, Mike and Egypt, help families buy and then design homes. The two infuse their own style and taste into each project. Egypt says as their following and popularity has grown, so has their client’s trust in them.

“After season one aired and people actually saw the quality of work and design we put out, most people, I’m not going to say all, but most of our client’s are like we trust you. Just do it,” Egypt explained. “That’s a blessing to have that level of trust from clients.”

Trending Now

Home & Texture asked the duo to share their thoughts on current home trends. Mike sees bold colors making a serious comeback. He considers black to be a part of that trend and says we will continue to see more black kitchens and walls. Egypt anticipates a return to warm tones after a decade of white and gray-toned spaces.

“You remember there was a time when everything was brown and we had yellows and oranges and terracottas. And then all of a sudden everything went gray. Now people are wanting to warm the space up again,” Egypt said.

D-I-Why or D-I-Why Not?

At Home & Texture, we’re always asking D-I-Why or D-I-Why Not? We want to know which renovation projects homeowners should tackle themselves, and which they should leave up to the experts. Egypt says DIY safe projects include millwork, painting and simple light fixture installation. She says you should call the pros for complicated electrical wiring, plumbing and refinishing floors, a lesson she learned the hard way.

“ I tried to refinish a floor myself eons ago and it looked like a wavy ocean. It’s just worthwhile to pay somebody to do it right,” Egypt said.

As seen on Married to Real Estate, hosts Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod work together to finish cabinets and design elements in a completely renovated kitchen for a homeowner.
Courtesy: HGTV

For Mike, wall removal should always be off limits for homeowners.

“A lot of folks don’t know what a load bearing wall is or can’t tell which wall is load bearing and just go hacking away. Before you know it, certain parts of their house start to be compromised,” Mike said.

Both Mike and Egypt agree that DIY-ers should be realistic about the timeline of their projects because the magic of television can be very misleading.

“The error in time expectancy has to do with them watching us complete entire houses in forty-two minutes on TV. They don’t get to see the real timeline,” Egypt explained. “It really is a process but it’s well worth it to do it right.”

The final episode of season two of “Married To Real Estate” airs on Thursday, March 23 at 9 p.m. ET. The show has been renewed for a third season.



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