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Kitchen Ice Cube Tray

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Freeze in Ice Cube Trays

These are just some of our favorite ways to repurpose ice cube trays and reduce food waste.

April 26, 2024 at 12:50 AM PST
Kitchen Ice Cube Tray

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Freeze in Ice Cube Trays

These are just some of our favorite ways to repurpose ice cube trays and reduce food waste.

April 26, 2024 at 12:50 AM PST

If you’ve got an ice cube tray, we have some exciting news for you—it has so many uses beyond just freezing water to keep your drink chilled. But more than using it to make innovative creations, it’s also a hack for minimizing food waste. Who knew this unassuming tool could be so versatile? Check out these uses for your everyday ice cube tray—you’ll never look at it the same again.

1. Fresh Herbs

Even if you keep fresh herbs in the fridge, they only last up to a few weeks before they go bad. But freezing them lets you enjoy them for months. Simply chop up your herbs, place them in the compartments of your ice cube tray, cover them with olive oil, and freeze. Now you’ll have perfectly portioned herb cubes ready to elevate any dish—no more sad, wilted herbs.

Photo credit: Debby Lewis-Harrison

2. Citrus Zest

Don’t let those citrus peels go to waste—turn them into flavor-packed zest cubes instead. Grate the zest of your favorite citrus fruits and divide them into your ice cube tray. Fill each compartment with water and freeze. Add a zesty twist to your drinks or recipes whenever the mood strikes. Next time you’re craving a refreshing lemonade or a tangy lemon vinaigrette, these citrus zest cubes will infuse your dishes with bright, citrusy flavor.

3. Smoothie Boosters

Smoothie enthusiasts, this is a great way to prep. Never risk wilted spinach and mushy bananas just by freezing your smoothie ingredients in advance. Blend up leafy greens and fruits, pour into your ice cube tray, and freeze. Pop a few cubes into your blender whenever you need a quick and nutritious pick-me-up.

4. Broth

Don’t toss those leftover vegetable scraps—turn them into homemade broth instead. Collect vegetable scraps like onion peels, carrot tops, and celery ends, simmer them in water, strain, and pour the broth into your ice cube tray. Now you’ll have convenient broth cubes ready to add depth and flavor to any dish.

5. Coffee Kickstarters

Running low on time but still need your caffeine fix? Brew a batch of your favorite coffee, let it cool, and pour it into your ice cube tray. Coffee cubes are the perfect solution for instantly chilled coffee without diluting the flavor. Just add milk or water, and you’re good to go!

6. Flavorful Sauce Samplers

Love experimenting with sauces but hate wasting leftovers? Freeze small portions of your favorite sauces like pesto and marinara in your ice cube tray. Next time you need a burst of flavor, simply pop out a sauce cube and thaw. Toss them into pasta, drizzle over pizza, or use as a dipping sauce for snacks. These sauce cubes will add a burst of flavor to any dish.

Photo credit: Mensent Photography

7. Berries

Stock up on seasonal berries and freeze them for later use. Wash and dry your berries, spread them out on a baking sheet to freeze individually, then transfer them to your ice cube tray. Now you can enjoy the taste of summer all year round for smoothies, desserts, or cocktails.

8. Leftover Wine

You could always drink the wine from last night’s dinner party so it doesn’t go to waste, or you can freeze it. This way, you’ll have wine cubes ready to add a splash of acidity to your sauces, stews, or even sangria.

9. Coconut Milk

This is perfect if you’re a fan of creamy coconut curry or a refreshing coconut cocktail but don’t buy coconut milk enough to justify it. Pour your leftover coconut milk into your ice cube tray and freeze! These creamy coconut cubes are also great for adding richness and flavor to smoothies or even your morning coffee—coconut latte, anyone?

10. Baby Food

For busy parents, homemade baby food can be a lifesaver. Prepare pureed fruits and vegetables in bulk, pour them into your ice cube tray, and freeze. Now you’ll have perfectly portioned baby food cubes ready to thaw and serve whenever your little one demands a meal—homemade goodness without the hassle.


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