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Decorate IKEA’s 2024 Style Guide

IKEA's 2024 Style Guide Reveals Which 4 Design Styles To Embrace This Year

Get a full breakdown of each style and decide which one is right for you.

April 2, 2024 at 9:42 PM PST

IKEA’s first style guide isn’t a list of new design trends to try out. Actually, it intends to accomplish the opposite, emphasizing how endlessly chasing the latest fads distracts us from creating a home that appeals to our version of everyday living. Instead of designing spaces based on Pinterest pics, IKEA invites you to take inspiration from your life using your authentic needs and routines to choose what works best. Whether that means sticking with one style or experimenting with many, it’s all about lining our spaces with pieces that fit into our rituals and bring us happiness, both in form and functionality.

Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be a guide if it didn’t include guidance. Within it, IKEA shares how to maximize the integration of daily life into home design with the four styles on its radar in 2024. Here’s a full breakdown of each.

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Warm Minimalism

Sleek, playful, comfortable, and elegant are the key characteristics of Warm Minimalism. Defined by a balance between boldness and simplicity, this refined style is perfect for eccentric, fun personalities who thrive on organization to get things done.

The IKEA Way

  • Calm colors: Mix warm, muted, soft, and neutral colors, such as beige spaces, with pops of yellow or pink to bring on the playfulness.
  • Soft contrasts: Think colored glass, velvet corduroy, metals, and warm woods for that sophistication factor.
  • Organic shapes, sleek lines: Abstract and geometric patterns, nature-inspired shapes, clean lines, and tactile textures work best for a polished look.
  • Organized routines: Find storage solutions that declutter your home and make your life easier.
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Swedish Roots

Aiming to recharge and refresh, everything is simple, versatile, natural, and harmonious when designing with Swedish Roots in mind. It models that despite the chaos of family life, there are still ways to stay organized and carefree.

The IKEA Way

  • Bold colors: Pick your favorite primary colors, then combine them with neutral, muted tones and graphic patterns for harmony.
  • Act naturally: Rely on organic materials like wood, chrome, and leather.
  • Nature is nurturing: Well-being is connected to the inside and out. Embrace life’s simple pleasures with a few plants and the comfort of natural light.
  • Refreshing patterns: Accent the natural elements of this style by choosing patterns with organic shapes, but nothing is off-limits when leading with versatility.
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Modern Playfulness

Modern playfulness keeps the good times rolling with joyful, expressive, colorful, and contemporary vibes. Intense yet relaxing, this style meshes organization with experimentation for the most fun.

The IKEA Way

  • Bold and brighter the better: It’s scientifically proven that colors impact mood, so be bold and vibrant in search of whimsical joy. Leave a little room for calmer tones and naturals, too.
  • Dramatic expressions: Experimentation is crucial. Go intense in your home to play up personality and expressiveness by mixing and matching. Lean on metals, soft textiles, warm woods, cool plastics, clean lines, and organic shapes.
  • Organize and chill: Look for smart storage solutions that declutter your home while adding to its eclecticism.
  • Harmoniously sleek: Geometric, organic, and unconventional shapes are your friends, but don’t forgo comfort for aesthetics.
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Scandinavian Folklore

Scandinavian Folklore crafts a cozy, natural, earthy, and rustic space that feels like home for everyone. Featuring traditional designs, this style shies away from experimentation, instead seeking old-fashioned values.

The IKEA Way

  • Earthy tones: Richly-hued primary and neutral colors transport our minds to fall leaves, fresh green apples, and the scent of soil, making things feel fresh and invigorated.
  • Everyday comfort: From wicker baskets to cast iron, rustic and traditional elements usher in coziness that defines this style.
  • Traditional textures: The warmth of your home creates a sense of comfort and peace. Don’t limit yourself to textiles that evoke this feeling; consider the affect of soft patterns, too.
  • Home must be the place: Your home should be your favorite place. If it’s not, that tells you it could use a few changes for a more welcoming atmosphere.


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