Mason Jar Buys for Your Home Needs
Organize Mason Jars

Mason Jar Buys for Your Home Needs

January 20, 2023 at 7:42 PM PST
Organize Mason Jars

Mason Jar Buys for Your Home Needs

January 20, 2023 at 7:42 PM PST

When did Mason Jars Become a thing?
Mason Jars have been a must have in every home for over a century. Since hitting the scene in 1858, people have been canning and preserving food because of this invention and its creator, John Landis Mason. Since that time other inventors have created their own variations on the jars, but Mason stands as the visionary who helped create so much of our food culture in the United States.

Mason jars are a great helper in the kitchen
Mason Jars are the number one product for canning and preserving food. Since the 1800’s, preserving and canning food in Mason Jars has been very popular. People quickly learned that the mason jar’s unique design was enabling food to stay fresh longer and allowing them to to create other food products with new canning processes. So many things can go in these jars. Really, anything you want can go in them. The more common items contained in Mason Jars are grains, pasta, beans, seeds, and nuts if keeping them in the pantry. Other foods often stored in Mason Jars include fruits and vegetables. You can also store food products in the jars such as sugar, flour, chocolate chips, and more. More recently, people have been using the mason jars in their meal-prepping processes. Meal preppers are known to use the jars for salads and overnight oats, but you don’t have to stop there. Most of the items that people store in mason jars are dry items, but they can be found in homes or restaurants all over the country being used as cups. We have chosen seven different mason jars that we hope will fit your home needs.

1KAMOTA Mason Jars

There's just something about classic mason jars. These jars are truly a life saver. Kamota has made this 12-pack extra special with its smoothly designed and sturdy glass as the base, and a clean, shiny silver lid to seal the contents in. The jars contain 16oz of anything you can fit inside and keeps them fresh for extended periods of time. The jars have multiple uses, so you can start your pickling collection or just have a nice cold glass of fresh lemonade. The lids form a very tight seal to keep all contents in the jar and prohibit leaking

2Mason Jar with Bamboo Lids and Glass Straw

Who says mason jars are just for food? Thanks to Vitever and their unique mason jar cups with bamboo lids, you can take your drinks on the go with style. These cups have two options for lids, bamboo and plastic. You can be hip and trendy with bamboo lids which come in a set of 4, or you can be conservative and versatile using the white plastic screw on lids which come in a set of 2. With each cup you will receive 2 colorful plastic straws. On the go or around the house, you and your drinks can be secure, sporty, and classic.

3Wide Mouth Glass Jars

Anwoi has given us a new lid design with an even tighter seal! This airtight seal is designed with a rubber gasket hinge to make sure nothing gets out of there and that nothing gets in. Less air means your contents can stay fresher longer. These set of 4 mason jars are ready to hold your larger items such as pickles, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and more. The jar comes with a wider opening for easier access and easier cleaning. These jars fit in a number of locations including the countertop, the pantry, even outside. This set comes with labels for each jar and even a pen to help you keep track of what’s what.

4Yniken Wide Mouth Mason 64 oz Jars

Throw those plastic jars away and make room for your newest must-haves! The Yniken company has made storing your fruits, veggies and liquids even easier and more efficient. These jars are able to hold 64oz of your favorite produce and creations. Their larger size means less cutting, slicing, and dicing on your part.

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