From Bad to Bougie: How To Do A Closet Makeover On A Budget
Organize Closet Makeover On A Budget

From Bad to Bougie: How To Do A Closet Makeover On A Budget

January 18, 2023 at 10:51 PM PST

Closet makeovers are totally a thing. And not only that, but you can take your closet from drab to fab even while on a budget.

Closets are an important part of any home, providing a well-organized space to store clothing, shoes, and accessories. And by keeping your valuables organized, they can also help you save time so that they are easy to find and access.

Plus, with the right layout and design features, closets can improve the overall function of your home, giving you more room for other activities and creating an environment that is free from clutter.

Not only do closets provide functional benefits, but they can also act as a decorative feature in any room. For example, by adding shelves, drawers, cabinetry, or mirrored doors, a closet can become an attractive focal point in any living space.

The Benefits of a Closet Makeover

If you want to transform your living space, closet makeovers are a must. They are a helpful way to organize your living space and bring structure and order to the chaos.

A well-planned out closet can help you save time each day by allowing you to quickly access what you need, instead of rummaging through a mess of clothes and accessories every morning.

It can also help you become more aware of what pieces you have in order to create new looks with the same items. With proper organization, it is easier to identify which clothing articles still fit or need replacing so that you can stay on top of your style without breaking the bank.

Plus, if you’re short on cash, there are plenty of ways to do a closet makeover on a budget. All you need is a bit of planning and preparation.

From Bad to Bougie: How To Do A Closet Makeover On A Budget

A closet makeover is a great way to maximize available storage space, making room for more fashion finds! Closet makeovers provide an organized and visually appealing way to store clothes and accessorize. With a closet makeover, you can quickly find what you need every.single.time. Here is how you can do a closet makeover on a budget:

closet makeover on a budget

Start by Decluttering

Decluttering your closet can be a daunting task. However, with the right approach, you can make it a much less overwhelming process. To help get started on decluttering your closet, set aside an hour or two each day to dedicate to decluttering your closet. This will help you stay focused and make progress without feeling overwhelmed by the entire project.

Start one section of your closet at a time, such as shirts or skirts. It is important to go through each item individually and decide if it should be kept, donated, or tossed out.

As you sort through items in your closet, think about whether they still fit well and match with current trends. If they don’t fit or you haven’t worn them in a while, these items can be donated or discarded.

Sort Through It

Sorting your closet does not have to be a chore. It can actually be an enjoyable task if you take the time to look through each item, assess its current condition and use, and make decisions about what to keep and what to discard.

You can start by taking everything out of your closet and laying it on your bed or the floor around you. This gives you a good overview of all your remaining items at once, which makes decision-making easier. Once everything is laid out, you can begin sorting. One way to do this is by style and item type (e.g., blouses, jeans, sweaters). This way you can best assess how much of each item you have and compare them side-by-side.

Another way to sort your clothes is by color. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to create a “capsule wardrobe” that includes only staple items in the same color scheme. Having all of your clothes sorted by color will help you quickly identify what is missing and what pieces look good together.

Finally, it can also be beneficial to group items by season or weather. That way, you can easily switch out items as the temperature changes. This will help ensure that you always have clothing options based on the current weather conditions.


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