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Decorate Home November Edit

Editor's Choice: 6 Things We're Loving This Month

We've spent the entire month buying and trying different products to give you the best reviews and recommendations for your home.

November 29, 2023 at 4:15 PM PST

As arbiters of all things chic, smart, and trending in the home space, the editorial team at Home & Texture is always on the hunt for our next great find. From clever organizational tools to fresh furniture designs, we pride ourselves on unearthing the most swoon-worthy products to enhance your home.

Now, we’re giving you VIP access to our inside scoop with “The H&T Edit” — our monthly roundup of things we simply can’t get enough of. Consider it your one-stop-shop for inspiration across every home category, delivered directly from our carefully curated world straight to yours.

Think of “The H&T Edit” as your monthly gift of effortlessly elevated living. We’re rounding up plenty of trends, tips, and links so you keep shopping smart and simply. Just consider us your virtually shopping gurus. Now, let’s dig into our November faves.

Photo Credit: Material Kitchen

Trio of Knives + Stand — Material

Was: $275 | Buy Now: $245

“These knives from Material are the star of my kitchen. They’re so sharp and smooth, cooking has never been easier or more fun! The knives alone are stunning, but you truly cannot buy the knives without the stand. The magnetic stand is sleek, stylish, and perfect if you’re looking for something modern that doesn’t take up too much counter space. ” – Savannah West, Deputy Editor

Photo Credit: Courant

CATCH:3 Wireless Phone Charger — Courant

Was: $175 | Buy Now: $140

“This charging tray from Courant is an absolute game-changer. I love finding items for my home that are just as stylish as they are functional, and this charger checks all of my boxes. It comes in five different colors and two different finishes, leather or linen. I charge my phone on one side and my AirPods on the other. There’s even space to use as a catchall for my jewelry without having to add another tray to my nightstand. While the only CATCH:3 that I have is nestled in my bedroom, I’ll definitely need another for every other room in the house.” – Savannah West, Deputy Editor

Photo Credit: Geometry

Waffle Bath Towel — Geometry

Was: $39.00 | Buy Now: $31.20

“The best quality of a good towel is absorbency, and the waffle bath towel from Geometry has it. It’s also much larger and wider than I expected, so it comfortably wraps around my entire body which I really appreciate. The clay color and waffle knit make this towel just as stylish as it is functional, and I think it makes a great gift for just about anyone on your list!” – Savannah West, Deputy Editor

Photo Credit: Masaya Company

Wooden Laptop Stand — Masaya Company 

Was: $35.00 | Buy Now: $28.00

“After working from home for three years, I thought that I had tried just about every home office item worth having but I was wrong. This laptop stand from Masaya is so smart and chic, that it’s become a must-have on my desk. Unlike some laptop stands that take up a lot of space, this one is simply two wooden legs that are easy to adjust based on the size of your laptop. It’s also super affordable, and portable, making it an easy ‘yes’ from me.” – Savannah West, Deputy Editor

Photo Credit: ONEIDA

Ridge Black 12 Piece Dinnerware Set — ONEIDA

Was: $140.00 | Buy Now: $69.95

“This dinnerware set from ONEIDA is beautiful, durable, and great quality for the price. Before receiving it, I thought I’d use it to elevate my everyday meals (which you absolutely can). However, after seeing it in person, this definitely feels like a set that I pull out for special occasions to impress my friends and family.” – Savannah West, Deputy Editor

Photo Credit: TerraFlame

Deluxe S’mores Gift Bundle — TerraFlame

Was: $144.95 | $119.99

“This tabletop s’mores bundle has been an absolute hit with my family this fall. We love using our outdoor fire pit, but on nights when it’s too cold to go outside, this is the perfect alternative. The fire bowl is modern and looks great on a shelf, and the flames still crackle like a campfire. The bundle comes with a bamboo tray to organize your snacks and reusable skewers that make it fun and stress-free for the whole family.” – Savannah West, Deputy Editor


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