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Organize Fridge Organization

Want To Organize Your Fridge Like an Influencer? Here's How

Take a page from the handbook of an influencer to achieve a picture-perfect kitchen.

March 26, 2024 at 8:40 PM PST
Organize Fridge Organization

Want To Organize Your Fridge Like an Influencer? Here's How

Take a page from the handbook of an influencer to achieve a picture-perfect kitchen.

March 26, 2024 at 8:40 PM PST

We get it — organizing your fridge can feel like a daunting task. So how do influencers manage to make it appear so effortless and chic? Despite the impression that achieving an influencer-style organization requires a picture-perfect home or social media stardom, a beautifully arranged refrigerator is attainable for anyone. By implementing a few straightforward tips, you can transform your fridge into a functional and visually appealing space. To guide you in curating your fridge like an influencer, here are seven essential steps to follow.

Start with a clean slate.

Part of what makes organizing your fridge so appealing is that it results in a clean, modern look. Influencers typically begin their videos by removing everything from their fridge for a clean slate to work with.

But beyond simply removing items from your refrigerator, you should also clean it really well. This includes wiping down the shelves, drawers, and door compartments with a mild detergent.

Not only does this provide a blank canvas for you to build upon, but guarantees your fridge is clean, hygienic, and odor-free.

Group similar items together.

To design a fridge that looks right out of your FYP, cohesiveness is key. Many influencers organize their refrigerators by grouping similar items together. That way, they can locate what they need quickly. Plus, it helps reduce food waste because you can clearly see what you have on hand so you avoid buying duplicates.

To group similar items together, try categorizing items like dairy products, beverages, condiments, fruits, vegetables, and leftovers. You can use clear storage containers or bins to corral like items, keeping them organized and visible.

Invest in stylish storage solutions.

To achieve that influencer-worthy look, you have to invest in quality storage solutions that maximize space in style.

Influencers are big on tinted storage solutions in various shapes and sizes, but particularly stackable containers, drawer organizers, and bins that fit neatly on refrigerator shelves and in door compartments.

If you like the look of solid, opaque containers, you can use those, too! But keep in mind that using clear containers to store food allows you to easily see what you have so that you can avoid food spoilage.

Prep your food.

Influencers have busy schedules, which is why many of them stock up on already-prepared snacks and meals. Not only does meal prepping save time on cooking, but it also makes your fridge look really neat and cohesive.

Rather than storing your food as is, clean and trim produce like berries, celery sticks, or carrot chips before placing them into clear containers for later use. You can prep and store other food items like boiled eggs, overnight oats, salads, and more to help with organization and guarantee you have fresh food to eat throughout the week.

Utilize vertical space.

To design an Instagrammable fridge, be sure to make use of any vertical space you have in your fridge to maximize storage capacity.

You can make the most of your available space by adding stackable shelves or tiered organizers to create additional storage layers. Another way to maximize space is by storing taller items like juice bottles and pickle jars towards the back of the fridge so that you can easily grab smaller items in the front.

Label everything.

When it comes to organizing their fridges, influencers are serious about labeling. Labeling your food items makes it easier to know what you have, plus it adds a polished touch to your fridge.

The easiest way to add labels to your food items is by investing in a label maker. If you don’t have one, you can stick adhesive labels onto containers and bins to label the contents inside.


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