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Homeownership Professional Home Services

9 Professional Home Services You Didn't Know Existed

Check everything off your to-do list without lifting a finger.

May 8, 2024 at 7:00 AM PST
Homeownership Professional Home Services

9 Professional Home Services You Didn't Know Existed

Check everything off your to-do list without lifting a finger.

May 8, 2024 at 7:00 AM PST

Managing a home isn’t easy. And in many cases, you could probably use a helping hand. Fortunately, there are plenty of home services that help beyond your typical plumbing and landscaping. And in fact, you probably don’t even know that many of these services even exist. But you should, because these specialized services can make life a whole lot easier, from adding value to your property to injecting more fun and luxury into your everyday life. To take the load off your home to-do list, here are nine specialty services you need to know about.

A woman organizing folded clothing
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Home Organizing Consultation

If organizing your space just isn’t your thing, did you know you can hire a professional organizer to do it for you?

Pro organizers don’t just sort through your space, they transform it. From revamping a cluttered closet to designing a functional home office space, whatever you need, they can do it all.

Home Automation

Turning your average living space into a smart home can make life a lot more convenient. Even more convenient, home automation experts can do all the work for you.

They specialize in turning any regular home into a futuristic haven. They can integrate everything from lights, security systems, and thermostats to multimedia systems and blinds into a single, seamless smart home system that you control with your voice or smartphone.

An aerial view of a basketball court
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Backyard Court Builders

If you’re into athletics, you can have someone install a professional court in your backyard to help you stay active. Whether you like tennis, basketball, or even a pickleball court, there are plenty of companies out there that can turn your backyard into a sports complex.


Green is the new black. And going green means a lot more than just recycling. If you want to be more mindful of the environment, an eco-consultant is your best bet.

They look at your home and how you live in it, then recommend ways to make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly. From putting up solar panels to proposing non-toxic building materials, an eco-consultant can help you reduce your carbon footprint with ease.

The exterior of a home decorated for the holiday season
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Holiday Decorating

Tired of dealing with tangled lights and ladders every year? Holiday decorators can deck your halls with Christmas trees, Easter bunnies, holiday wreaths, and other professional-grade decorations that last through the season.

The best part? They come back and take everything down after the holiday is over.

Residential Acoustic Consultation

Love your home but can’t stand that annoying echo in the living room? Or maybe the sound of cars zipping up and down the street is making you want to pull out your hair?

A residential acoustic consultant can help soundproof your spaces so you can finally have that peace of mind you’ve been waiting for. They can evaluate the acoustics of each room and recommend modifications to keep the noise down or enhance sound quality, depending on your needs.

This service is especially useful if you have a home office or theater, or even if you just want uninterrupted sleep.

Color palettes
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Color Consultation

Picking a color scheme for your home isn’t always easy. But a color consultant can definitely help. They do more than just pick out pretty paint colors. Instead, they create color schemes for your home from room to room based on the lighting, space, — and of course, your personal taste. This really brings a space together and can make your home feel cohesive, calm, and elevated.

Pet Space Design

Pets are pretty much like family. They deserve to have a comfortable place to live, just like humans. To help, pet space designers specialize in creating functional, stylish spaces for your pets within your home. Think built-in dog beds, cat climbing walls, or even custom pet baths.

Art Installation

If you have a super cool piece of art but have no idea where to put it, art installation services are for you. Professional art installers keep the lighting, angle, and overall room design in mind when working to make sure your art is displayed in the best possible way. It’s a kind of service that subtly elevates the ambiance in your home.


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