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Taurus-Approved Home Decor Elements for a Serene and Stylish Haven

May 5, 2023 at 12:30 PM PST

When it comes to decorating the home, many people choose furniture and decor according to their individual tastes and preferences. Have you ever considered incorporating design elements based on your zodiac sign? Since it is Taurus season, add a bit of inspired decor to your space that resonates with your sign?

What is a Taurus in the Zodiac?

A Taurus refers to someone who was born from April 20 to May 20. It is the second sign in the zodiac and is represented by a constellation of a bull. Taurus is an earth sign, and people born during that time have a reputation for being grounded and dependable. They having a tendency towards being patient, yet persistent. This helps them to remain calm, cool and collected in the most challenging of situations. They prioritize the finer things in life, especially comfort.

Taurus-Approved Home Decor Elements for a Serene and Stylish Haven

You can celebrate your distinct personality with a touch of inspired furniture and decor. From earthy tones to raw materials, there are many options to choose from that speaks to you. To learn more about how to incorporate furniture and decor inspired by the Taurus zodiac sign, here are five design and decor elements to add to your space.

Au Naturale

Tauruses are an earth sign, and they have a natural proclivity for nature. They might appreciate more greenery in the home, whether that be houseplants or wallpapers. A lush green living room or bedroom might appeal to them and create an inviting atmosphere that celebrates their distinct personality.

This zodiac sign might also prefer to incorporate other natural textures and materials, such as wood, stone or leather. They can decorate their homes with furniture or accents made from natural materials, such as blinds made from bamboo or wooden room dividers. It may add a sense of warmth to their homes.

Comfortable Furniture

Tauruses love to be comfortable. Many of them have no problem doing whatever it takes to achieve a level of comfort that feels right to them. In this case, adding furniture into the home that promotes comfort is key for a Taurus. Opt for softer, rounded designs, such as sofas with curved arms or ottomans made from plush materials. Add velvet, suede or faux fur to the mix can provide maximum comfort.

They also should consider purchasing soft bedding to adorn the furniture.

Serene Green

When it comes to color schemes, Tauruses are associated with the color green. This color represents earth energy. It represents the deep bond that Tauruses have with nature. As a sign that values growth and progress, it no wonder that green is nourishment to the Taurus spirit.

Tauruses can incorporate the color green in so many ways when decorating their homes. For example, green wallpaper can be used to give the space a grounding energy. They can add greenery, such as plants or moss, as an accent in the home. It can bring a sense of peace and tranquility. Some other green elements that are great additions to the home include art pieces, rugs, throws and pillows.

Soft Lighting

With comfort at the forefront, adding a bit of soft lighting can cozy up the home. Try incorporating lamps or soft fairy lights around the house to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The dim lighting not only looks beautiful, but also provides a bit of emotional security to the home.

There are also a number of lighting options with dimmable settings for homeowners who wish to customize the brightness depending on their mood or activity. To add a touch of luxury, try installing chandeliers with crystal droplets that sparkle like stars when the lights are dimmed.

Bold Artwork

Tauruses have a natural eye for beauty and a strong sense of personal style. They tend to be more confident, which is why incorporating bold artwork into the home can resonate with their distinct personality type.

The great things about artwork is that there are so many different art forms to choose from. Paintings and pictures are the most common art forms, but sculptures, tapestries and photographs also can make a powerful statement. When incorporating artwork, remember to select pieces that stand out from the others as this reflects the daring confidence that many Tauruses naturally possess.



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