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Stay Warm With This Winter Home Maintenance Guide

January 19, 2023 at 11:32 PM PST

Making sure your house is ready for winter is imperative. It is more crucial for those who live in certain climates than others. Having the right tools is key when trying to keep you and your family safe and warm this winter. You have to make sure your home is ready inside and outside. Being creative is helpful as well.

Wintertime can be one of the best times of the year depending on where you live. You may experience a white Christmas and enjoy having time outside making a snowman, sledding, having snowball fights, sitting around a fire drinking hot cocoa with the family, telling stories. There’s no shortage to the amount fun you can have. Then, there is the other side of winter that doesn’t always bring smiles, joy, and cheer.

You may find yourself with low temperatures, winter colds, frozen pipes, finding firewood, shoveling snow, and all the not-so-fun things winter brings. In knowing all that is required to keep a household safe and functional during winter, we wanted to pick out some items that you can get your loved ones and even use in your own home.



Cooler Weather Home Buys

1Window Insulation

One of the worst experiences during the winter is having the heater running but still being chilled by that cold air seeping into the house. You won’t have to worry about that cold air coming in with the Mellroom window insulation. The insulation unit is a rollable transparent film that goes over the window seal and forms a barrier around the window, blocking cold air from outside. This insulation unit with adhesive hook straps and fits both large and small windows. You can even open the window while the insulation is applied, but it is not recommended that the window be opened and closed too frequently    

2Magnetic & Insulated Door Cover

The windows aren’t the only way to insulate your home and and keep the cold air out---your doors can be insulated too. Pick For Life has created a thermal magnetic insulation door curtain that keeps unwanted cold air outside, where it belongs. The curtain has 26 very strong magnets that save you from having to open and close the curtain by hand. This 36x82-inch curtain is made with eco-friendly, washable plastic material and is also semitransparent. The curtain does come with push pins to give that extra support to keep the curtain up and keeping the unwanted air out.

3Outdoor Air Conditioner Cover

StarTwo is protecting your air conditioner this winter with their Air Conditioning Cover. One of the most expensive appliances is your air conditioner and once it breaks or needs replacing, you’re probably spending a few thousand dollars you were hoping to hold on to. The StarTwo cover is waterproof and will definitely give add some longevity to your unit. They don’t just keep water off, but this cover is helpful in all weather. No need to be worried about hail damage or snow. Place this cover over your unit and keep it protected. There is also a built-in air vent on the side of the cover. It will not blow off since it is made with an elastic hem and buckle straps to keep it firm and snug around your unit.

4Pipe Heating Cable with Thermostat

Every year during the cold winter months pipes burst or freeze. This creates chaos for the resident or homeowner. We all have heard horror stories related to this problem, but this gift can save your loved ones the headache of having to deal with frozen pipes. The MD pipe Heating Cable is a dream come true. No more worrying about pipes bursting. This pipe heater will keep your pipes warm and fully functioning in the coldest of temperatures. The cable is 18 feet long and even comes with a thermostat. The cable can heat the pipe and prevent freezing water in temperatures extreme as -50 degrees. Thankfully, the cable is easy to use. Just wrap them around the pipe, set the thermostat, and the heating will begin.

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