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Sun, Moon, Rising: Zodiac Candles for Astrology Lovers

August 8, 2023 at 8:05 PM PST

Can you guess someone’s zodiac sign a few moments after meeting them? Better yet, do you try? If you’re an astrology lover who attributes your friends and family’s personality to their zodiac sign, you need an astrology candle in your home. Zodiac candles are a subtle way to display decor that represents you in your home. Not only that, zodiac candles are typically scented to smell amazing to anyone with the corresponding sign.

So whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, astrology lover or even hater, you should enjoy these scents based on your birthday. Keep reading to get a whiff of eccentric candles developed to match your particular scent palette and style.

Maison La Bougie Leo Candle

Maison La Bougie not only assigned each jar in its Zodiac Collection a particular color, but the French candle house also included a list of traits for each sign. Every zodiac has a custom scent, too! If you're a Leo, enjoy fragrance notes of tangerine, orange, anise, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, patchouli, and amber. After you've run through the burn time of 100 hours, proudly display the ceramic jar in your home to stay true to your description.

Wild Rose Shop Zodiac Candle

Ignite this artful zodiac candle for tropical smells of Hawaiian awapuhi, aloe, and agave. While every jar emits the same scent, the illustrations are specific to each astrological sign. Beneath the label, these candles are enclosed in white glass and sealed with a raw wood top. Though single-wick, their long burn time of 60 hours allows you to experience a vacation with views tailored to your sign for days.

Homesick Virgo Candle

Known for a dedication to scents that transport you to a place you love, Homesick created smells that remind you of you with their zodiac candles. Each candle also has two pairs that scent a room like no other when paired. Virgos enjoy top notes of fresh citron and amber. Their matches are Pisces with fragrances of Muguet, Water Orchid, and Blue Waves; and Cancer, with an aroma including Muguet and Iris Flower.

Project 62 Glass Jar Zodiac Candles Black

These glass jar candles are scented based on your zodiac. The labels include symbols and provide a little more insight into astrology for beginners. With simple fragrances, like cardamom for Libras, you don't have to worry too much about your zodiac scent turning you off. The plain black jar is perfect for the astrology lover who still wants to remain a mystery to guests. Though barely there, this candle packs a welcome punch of personality.

SKINNYDIP Cancer Star Sign Candle

This zodiac candle's whimsical, retro feel is ideal for the maximalist home designer. Plus, it's unscented for anyone who's already discovered their signature scent. While you probably won't burn it, tap into your Cancer sentimentality and display it as a statement of who you are! If that's not enough, at least it's a constant reminder of your birthday month for any guests who tend to forget.

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