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Kitchen Kitchen Trends 2024

Minimalist Kitchens Are Out, According to an Interior Designer—Here's What's In

Interior designer Molly Woodward-Moor shares why 2024 is the year of pattern revival in kitchens.

January 28, 2024 at 6:37 AM PST

When it comes to kitchen design, is more actually….more? It’s 2024, and there’s a new era of vibrant and expressive interiors. Molly Woodward-Moor, a seasoned interior designer and creative director at Stone Superstore, highlights this shift, indicating a trend toward pattern revival, unfiltered optimism, and healing spaces. This change marks a departure from the stark minimalism and fast fashion furniture of previous years, ushering in a time when home interiors become a true reflection of individual passions and styles.

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Photo Credit: Stone Superstore

The End of Minimalism in Kitchens

Moor points out the decline of minimalist kitchens, which were once defined by their grey cabinets, pale neutral walls, and minimal styling. In their place, 2024 is set to welcome bold colors, dark woods, and a variety of patterns ranging from balanced to maximalist looks. “That’s not to say the modern, pared-back styles don’t have their place in upcoming trends,” says Moor.

“Working with both modern and traditional styles, the versatility of this trend is endless, so don’t feel restricted to a certain area. Updating your tiling is a fantastic way of channeling creativity through patterns whilst not completely changing your kitchen.”

Embracing Longevity and Authenticity

Interior design is now focusing on quality, longevity, and authenticity. This means moving away from mass-produced furniture and towards timeless pieces, such as mid-century, retro, or art-deco styles. These pieces are not just design classics but are also often more affordable when sourced second-hand.

“I feel this evolution in trends reflects us wanting to create spaces that are not just visually appealing but also embrace warmth and individuality,” Moor shares. “It is part of a conscious effort to redefine our living spaces, crafting environments that not only showcase personal style but also contribute to a more mindful and sustainable way of living.”

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Photo Credit: Stone Superstore

Creating Cozy and Welcoming Spaces

Moor emphasizes the growing desire to create spaces that are not just visually appealing but also warm and individualistic. Design trends are going towards more cozier, welcoming spaces that emotionally resonate, incorporating natural materials, warm browns, and green earth tones and preserving unique features of older properties.



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