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This New Study Just Revealed the Top Interior Design Aesthetics Across the Globe

Wondering what the most favored interior design aesthetics are worldwide? Here's your insight into the global preferences shaping home decor trends.

January 5, 2024 at 7:43 AM PST

As we usher in a new year, many homeowners are looking to give their living spaces a refresh. If you’re in the same boat, you may be contemplating which interior design aesthetic to choose. As a result of social media’s impact, we’re constantly seeing new aesthetics pop up like ‘Cottagecore’ and the rise in popularity of ‘Mid-Century Modern.’ Thanks to a recent study by B2C Furniture, using Google Keyword Planner and TikTok views, the reigning champion of interior aesthetics has been declared: Minimalism.

Interior Design Aesthetics
Photo Credit: B2C Furniture

Here are the top most in-demand interior design aesthetics globally:

Minimalist Interior

With over half a million average monthly searches, minimalism tops the list as the most in-demand aesthetic. “Focus on keeping your living space clean and well-balanced by implementing a more cohesive palette,” advises Stacey Clarke, general manager at B2C Furniture. This involves combining airy textures with natural elements to promote balance and harmony. Clarke suggests removing non-essential clutter and opting for space-saving furniture to enhance airflow and circulation.

Minimalism Interior Design Aesthetic
Photo Credit: R Architecture


Not far behind with 313,517 global monthly searches, ‘Cottagecore’ captures a cozy, country feel. This trend, boosted by over 17.9 billion TikTok views, is known for its playful yet vintage appeal, featuring floral prints, pastel hues, and wooden textures. “To capture the cozy and relaxing atmosphere of ‘Cottagecore,’ accentuate the space with classic patterns like floral or gingham print and softer hues,” recommends Clarke. Add soft tactile elements such as thick blankets and thicker linen covers on pillows to add to the overall comfort and warmth of the aesthetic.

cottagecore interior design aesthetic
Photo Credit: Forte Foundry

Dark Academia

In third place, the ‘Dark Academia’ aesthetic, with its darker color palette and warm, earthy tones, has gained 225,858 average monthly searches. It combines rich natural textures and antique components to create an intellectually stimulating environment. Clarke advises using dimmer lights to invite a warmer ambiance and contrasts, such as brass fixtures or leather sofas, to enhance this scholarly style.

dark academia
Photo Credit: Stephen Packwood

Other Top Interior Aesthetics

Other interior design trends rounding off the top ten include ‘Mid-Century Modern,’ ‘Quiet Luxury,’ ‘Japan,’ ‘Barbiecore,’ ‘Maximalism,’ ‘Goblincore,’ and ‘Fairycore.’ Each offers unique elects and vibes catering to a range of personal design styles.


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