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Decorate Best Furniture Dupes

Our 5 Favorite Furniture Dupes for Your First Apartment

Style doesn't have to cost a fortune.

June 11, 2024 at 7:20 AM PST
Decorate Best Furniture Dupes

Our 5 Favorite Furniture Dupes for Your First Apartment

Style doesn't have to cost a fortune.

June 11, 2024 at 7:20 AM PST

Dupe culture is everywhere. It has even sparked a newer social media phenomenon where influencers aren’t flaunting luxury but instead generating commotion for scoping out the best cheap options that feel and look expensive. Dupes are redefining the rules of buying a knockoff across the fashion, beauty, and interior design industries and shaking some of the generational stigma that once came with it. The buzzword for “duplicate” refers to generic copies of pricier, name-brand products that promise similar quality, design, and functionality as the real thing. It’s the stuff that fills Gen Z feeds—think Dhgate clothing hauls, drugstore makeup, and Amazon furniture finds.

Designing a home you love with popular, high-end decor from stores like West Elm can cost thousands, but home dupes offer an inexpensive, stylish alternative. While they may not be the design source for a forever home, they’re great for furnishing a first apartment. Here are five we love that are perfect for shopping that high-end look on a budget.

Our Top Picks

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Why are dupes having a moment?

Knockoffs have always existed, but Gen Z and millennials made them trendy. Once considered an investment best kept secret, Business Insider reported that 71 percent of Gen Z and 67 percent of Millennials are buying dupes. People aren’t just more open to ideas of ditching designer labels to save money or resisting consumerism by getting over on big corporations—they’re doing it with pride.

How To Find the Best Dupes for Your Space

The Dupe app is a home styling holy grail for sourcing affordable replicas. Plus, it’s easy to use. All you need to do is drop the link to a furniture item, and then it populates a list of, you guessed it, dupes. If that’s not your style, there’s always Pinterest.

Haven’t figured out what’s on your apartment wishlist yet? You’re in luck. We’ve picked five of our favorite dupes for upscale bestsellers to help you get started. Check them out below.

RH Cloud Modular Sofa Dupe

RH's cloud modular sofa and its many dupes have taken over the interior design world. The original piece starts at a hefty price of $6,250, and with customizations, costs can reach nearly $10K. This much more cost-effective version from Home Depot is quite similar, though it's only available in beige and white linen, whereas the OG comes in different shades and upholsteries. Even still, it's a great option that features the same functionality and design. You can have it in your home for around $1206.

Pottery Barn Cayman Round Coffee Table Dupe

Pottery Barn's Cayman Round Coffee Table isn't too expensive at about $699, but who doesn't love to cut costs where they can? This handmade Etsy dupe comes from Valencia, Spain, in either a varnished or unvarnished finish. Opting for this piece means paying half the price of the original and supporting a small business. You can't beat that.

West Elm Mid-Century Bed Dupe

Shopping West Elm's decor always puts a dent in our pockets, but the retail giant offers such gorgeous pieces sometimes it's hard to stop ourselves from adding more to our cart. The original king-size Mid-Century Bed costs about $1400, but this dupe is significantly cheaper and looks almost exactly like it. For just $550, you can get a similar silhouette for your boho sanctuary or organic modern oasis. Bonus points because you can get it in one of the exact colors as the OG: acorn.

Arhaus Malone Sideboard Dupe

If you can find a sideboard at Arhaus that's less than a couple thousand (and not on sale), please point us in its direction. This dupe of the Malone is one of several replicas of the iconic brand, but it's surprisingly more expensive. Except right now, when it's on sale for nearly 40% off. While the original has a price point of around $3,000, the sale price of this version is much lower at $2,070.

Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupe

People have been fawning over the Gleaming Primrose Mirror for years. It's a bestseller and a social media star, and we totally understand the hype. Though we love this vintage-inspired gem, the price is a little steep. Still, you deserve to have it in your living room. This dupe comes in nearly exact color matches and sizes to the original for considerably less. Get the floor height for around $820 compared to $1200 at Anthropologie for the same look.

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