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Be Rooted's Founder Shares Sneak Peek of Upcoming Astrology Collection

June 29, 2023 at 12:03 AM PST

Be Rooted’s founder Jasmin Foster held an invite-only viewing Thursday of her upcoming Astrology Collection that will be available in Target later this year. In a recent interview, Foster shares her inspiration for her booming and growing brand, how she handles being the only Black-owned stationery brand at Target and why she’s so dedicated to aligning her stars correctly.

Be Rooted’s Upcoming Astrology Collection

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Home & Texture: You are the first Black-owned stationery brand that graced the aisles of Target. How did that process come to be? Did they tell you before you launched in-store that it was the first Black woman-owned stationery brand, or is it something that you found out after the fact?

Jasmin Foster: After launching, we kept selling out and kept getting some really amazing press during that timeframe, which [blew me] away. Target and a couple of other retailers had reached out [about] potentially carrying our products in stores. And so through having conversations with multiple different retail partners, I felt like Target was the retailer that was on a journey to the most inclusive retailer that we have here in the U.S. So, through those conversations, I learned that we going to be the first black-owned brand in this space.

H&T: What made you want to start a stationery line? 

JF: I started with stationery first because I felt like it was a perfect vessel for artwork. I’ve always had a love for Black art. I’ve always had it in my home. But one thing that I felt like was missing was the ability to take that [art] piece of you and your culture with you in all spaces and places. That’s one of the beautiful things about stationery products is that your journal can go with you in your bag to your office, desk, [or] bedroom. It’s not something that’s on your wall. As I was having this idea, I was like, ‘What if I interweave my love for black art, culture, and representation along with my obsession with notebooks and planners?’ and that was the catalyst to having Black art and culture on a daily basis.

H&T: Let’s talk about your upcoming astrology collection. What’s the inspiration behind it? What’s your relationship with astrology in general?

JF: Over the years I feel like there’s always been cool, astrology assortments, but they’ve all kind of been the same. So I had this dream one night [about] reimagined astrology signs but as Black and brown women. I woke up and [thought] this could be something. I feel astrology is something that permeates Black and brown communities. It’s another thing that we kind of hone in on to better understand ourselves. And so over the course of months, we continued to play with and landed on some of the most beautiful, magical, mystic artwork I’ve ever been a part of making. I’m excited not only to have the representation, but on the inside of all the journals, [there’s] a little mantra for each zodiac sign to help uplift you and center you on who you are. I hope that those who also connect with astrology see this collection and get just as excited about it as I am.

H&T: Can you share what’s going to be part of this collection?

JF: We will have 12 different journals, each one that will have zodiac signs represented. We will also have a written-in-the-stars puzzle that I actually started this weekend and it’s mad challenging, but I’m super excited about that. We’ll have our gemstone pins that are really pretty. We also have our palm reading ceramic tray that can hold all of your things but also teach you the basic steps of palm reading. We will have an updated planner and water tumbler, and lastly, our fortune-telling dice. So if you’re someone who is struggling to figure out the next best thing in your life and you need someone to give you an answer, our fortune-telling dice might be the answer for you.

While the collection doesn’t drop at Target until this November, you can check out some of Be Rooted’s back-to-school collection now.

This article has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

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