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Books Black Bookstores To Support

Fill Your Home Library by Buying From These Black-Owned Bookstores

July 28, 2023 at 8:49 PM PST
Books Black Bookstores To Support

Fill Your Home Library by Buying From These Black-Owned Bookstores

July 28, 2023 at 8:49 PM PST

As bookworms, having your own living space means having your own personal library. If you want to add more Black-authored books to your home library, it is important to support Black bookstores that carry titles that reflect your culture. Local indie bookstores are also another avenue to build community, so you can simultaneously build your library while becoming closer to like-minded individuals.

Whether you love books or you are just now jumping into reading as a hobby, it’s never a bad time to start decolonizing your bookshelves. As a homeowner, your personal library reflects a lot of your personality. Being able to curate a personal book collection that is filled with diverse literature can bring more authenticness to your living space. That’s why it is important to support marginalized authors while building your library.

Black Bookstores To Support

Black bookstores to buy Black books
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According to Words Rated, there are approximately 149 Black-owned bookstores across the nation. That’s roughly 6% of all bookshops in America as there are currently about 2,500 independently owned bookstores. No matter where you live, it’s worth checking out a local bookstore near you so you can always find diverse books for you and your family. Here are a few Black-owned bookstores for you to support in different regions:

Sistah Sci-Fi

If you love science fiction and fantasy, this California-based bookstore is perfect for you. This indie bookstore has a growing and active online community that includes a variety of fandoms such as Marvel’s Black Panther to Octavia Butler. Now you can build a robust, diverse library not just for yourself but everyone in your family as this bookshop carries children’s STEM and fantasy books as well.

Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery

This beautiful Chicago-based bookstore carries a wide range of Black literature spanning across multiple genres. This space has authors’ signings as well as other community-based events that keep locals informed while providing them with the tools they need.

Ida’s Bookshop

You may have seen this bookshop go viral a few times on social media. Customers who visited were able to shop to the enchanting melodies of a harp player. If you order online, you will receive some of the most beautifully wrapped books you’ve ever seen. Ida’s Bookshop is a dream come true for bibliophiles.

Mahogany Books

Located in the heart of the District of Columbia, this bookstore has a long tradition of supporting not just debut Black authors but critically acclaimed ones as well. They stock all the classic Black literature books, which are a great addition to any home library.

For more Black-owned indie bookstores, visit the African American Book Club for a full list of locations across the country.



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