These Bookcases Are Sure To Make Bibliophiles Swoon
Organize Bookcases For At Home Library

These Bookcases Are Sure To Make Bibliophiles Swoon

March 6, 2023 at 9:44 PM PST

Many book lovers look forward to building out their very own home library when moving into a brand new house. It’s not unusual for bookworms to own so many books they could basically start their very own store. If you’ve found that your books are no longer just a fun hobby and more like a tripping hazard Home & Texture is here to help.

Online Community

If you’re a bibliophile, you’ve no doubt found yourself admiring people’s bookcases and shelves online. On #bookstagram and #booktok, proud book nerds show off their latest reads as well as their well-put-together bookcases. We understand it’s not always easy to be one of those tidy bookworms. Sometimes you can’t help but have stacks of books in corners, on end tables and even a few piles of books piled next to an already overstuffed bookcase.

Bookshelf Envy


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Whether you separate your books by genre, color, published date or alphabetical order, having an eye-catching bookcase is popular with bibliophiles online. Romance, fantasy and Young Adult readers seem to have the most whimsical bookcases.  Literary and historical fiction lovers appear to have pristine bookshelves while mystery, sci-fi and horror readers seem to opt for a more moody aesthetic. There are no rules to organizing your books. Just find something that makes you and your books happy.

Your Dream Library


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A statement library can include many things. At Home & Texture we’re obsessed with ceiling height bookcases. They bring drama and the oh, so romantic need for a ladder to sweep you from shelf to shelf. Think of all the space you can save if you have a bookcase that takes up most of your wall space!

Before purchasing a new bookcase take stock of your personal needs. How many books are you looking to fit and which room will house them best. Remember most bookcases can usually fit 100 texts per shelving unit. Whether you are looking for a bookcase to wow or enjoy a more understated piece for all your texts, Home & Texture has gathered a collection of cases to fit just about every bibliophiles wildest book dreams.

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18-Shelf Adjustable Bookcase

This is truly an investment. This bookcase from Concepts In Wood has eighteen adjustable shelves. This stunning bookcase can add more dramatic flair to your living room or can set the tone for your home office. There is plenty of space to place your books. But also consider adding other bookish items such as small statues, globes and even trophies. Depending on how many books you have, this bookcase could hold all of them or at least a good number of them. Whether you have paperbacks, hardcovers or comics, this case will be a welcomed upgrade to any home.

5-Piece Bookcase With Ladder

This bookcase is what dreams are made of.  The beautiful Emma Mason Signature 5-piece bookcase comes in a beautiful cottage white. But what really makes us swoon is the included ladder that reminds us of those Disney fairytales we grew up on. This high-quality bookcase is well worth the hefty price tag. It has open shelves at the top and closed shelves with doors at the bottom. Even the corner shelves are cut to fit against the wall in practically any room . This is a bookcase that can start a new tradition in your family, too. You can pass this enchanting bookcase down to future bookworm-ish loved ones who will surely enjoy it just as much as you.

5-Shelf Bookcase

Bookcases like these are a real gem to have. You can mix and match colors and they are much easier to move around than the tall, bookcases that reach past the doorway entrances. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they are also sturdy. Home & Texture strongly recommends a bookcase that can handle its own weight plus the weight of your books. This 5-shelf bookcase from Threshold has deep shelves so you can stack multiple rows of books on one shelf. This bookshelf comes in six color options, ranging from neutral colors such as black and white to natural finishes such as Walnut Brown.

Etagere Steel Bookcase

If you want a bookcase that can not just showcase your books, but also double as sophisticated art decor, you are in luck. This steel etagere bookcase from Sand & Stable is breathtaking. It comes equipped with five tiers which will give your living space a pop of contemporary design. You canadd your books, plants, photos as well as your favorite candles. Even though this isn't your typical bookshelf design, it is just as sturdy as standard bookcases. If you don't have a lot of books, but you still want to show them off, you can do so in style with this unforgettable case.

Tall 5-Shelf Dual Bookcase

What is better than having one bookcase? Having two! That's exactly what you will get with this Salinas Tall 5-shelf bookcase by Bush Furniture. For less than $400, you can have two bookcases for the price of one. Each bookcase comes with two fixed shelves and three adjustable shelves, so you can configure each shelf according to your needs. You can either put them next to each other in one room, or you can separate them. No matter what you decide, you won't go wrong with having a second home for your books. This bookcase pair comes in seven different color options so you won't have to worry about clashing with your current decor.

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