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This LA Apartment Is a Masterclass in Cozy Maximalism

Lowe Saddler of Hot Sunday Home shows us how it's done.

March 26, 2024 at 2:42 PM PST

There’s an undeniable charm when it comes to maximalism that’s easier said than done to achieve. Colors, patterns and textures all need to coexist harmoniously in order to create a look that’s cohesive yet playful, bold yet stylish. Add elements of cozy, comfortable and effortless to the mix, and you’re left with a design recipe that takes an inventive, artistic touch to pull off successfully. In one LA apartment, these details are undeniably present in each and every corner, a testament to the creative expertise of its owner, Lowe.

Lowe, the creator behind the Instagram account @hotsundayhome, has one primary piece of advice for those trying to achieve a similar cozy eclectic space — decorate with what you love the most. “Once I stopped caring about how other people would view my home (and me, by default), I really fell into my own groove,” Lowe says.

Photo credit: Lowe Saddler

Simple as it may be, one glance at Lowe’s feed and its lived-in aesthetic validates the idea that decorating with what you love — the more playful, quirky and colorful, the better — makes for a home that’s ultimately a reflection of you and your personality.

And with trends like dopamine decor gaining traction and minimalism on the back burner, experimenting with unique, seemingly contrasting design elements can be the answer to embracing a more eclectic style — one that speaks to you above all else.

“Not everything matches in my apartment, but the quirky, non-matching moments are my favorites. I’ll mix gingham and sheepskin with heritage florals and ornate ceiling trim all in my room and not care if it ‘works’ to anyone other than me,” Lowe says.

Whether you’re just getting started on your journey toward a cozy maximalist space or need help refining the foundation of your current space, one place is at the top of Lowe’s list for inspiration when it comes to finding those perfect pieces that set your space apart from the next: thrift stores.

As a self-proclaimed “thrift first, buy new second kind of girl,” her design style, in part, is the result of time well spent searching for unique pieces while thrifting. The thrifted furniture and decor pieces found in her home contribute to that distinctive character and charm of her space, infusing it with a “healthy dose of soul” that new items often lack. “One-of-a-kind items that you searched high and low for will always feel meaningful and eclectic in the best way,” Lowe says.

Other stores that made the cut? Lulu and Georgia and Crate and Barrel for furniture, Arhaus for smaller accessories, Lindsay Letters Co. for statement art, and The Six Bells for high-quality vintage-looking pieces.

Photo credit: Lowe Saddler

And with so many elements competing for attention in an eclectic space — vintage vs. trendy, traditional vs. modern, colorful vs. neutral — striking the perfect balance also involves a healthy dose of revisiting and decluttering. Even Lowe admits her apartment can get chaotic and overwhelming at times — it’s part of the maximalism territory, she assures.

For Lowe, spending time purging items and introducing new ones is necessary to maintain that yin and yang harmony present throughout her space. For maximalists, adopting a mindset of revolving pieces can be the secret to ensuring a space stays exciting and dynamic, with each element contributing to a fluid and ever-evolving atmosphere of creativity and expression.

For those who aren’t starting with a solid foundation of pieces, however, Lowe recommends sticking close to a color wheel. “Find the colors you love the most and then determine which colors complement them based on color science,” she says. “If yellow moments make you happy, for example, there’s a chance blue pieces will not only work well with your existing decor but also add dimension to your space.”

For patterns? Let them serve as neutrals. “Zebra print and florals can work just about anywhere, in my opinion,” Lowe says.

Photo credit: Lowe Saddler

In the end, one design theme reigns supreme when it comes to maximalist styling: Go with your gut. “You’re the one living in your home,” Lowe says. “If you want everything pink, drench your walls in pink paint. Get the best quality pink bedding you can afford.”

No matter how bold or eclectic your style is, Lowe’s space is a testament that creating a space that embraces your personality and brings you joy is what makes a house a home. Trust your instincts, surround yourself with colors, patterns, and pieces that resonate with you, and set the tone for a space that not only looks beautiful but also feels like a true expression of who you are.

“I’ve never regretted a purchase of something beautiful,” Lowe says, “and I feel like I kind of thrive in the chaos.”


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