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Master the Art of Decluttering Your Home With the Snowball Method

The Snowball Method isn't only great for your personal finances and tackling debt—it's the perfect way to declutter your home without feeling overwhelmed.

February 5, 2024 at 7:01 PM PST

With the new year officially in full swing and spring being on the horizon, there’s no better time to declutter your home than now. If you need a little help or motivation, the “Snowball Method” is a great start. This strategy, borrowed from the world of personal finance to tackle debt, is all about starting small, building momentum, and watching your efforts snowball until your goals are met. This approach is incredible for decluttering your home, transforming what feels like a major undertaking into a series of manageable, even enjoyable, tasks. By focusing on one small area at a time, you make decluttering your home feel more achievable and gain the motivation to keep going.

woman decluttering home
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Start with Baby Steps

The key to the Snowball Method lies in its simplicity. Start with the smallest decluttering task you can find. It might be a single drawer, a shelf, or even your handbags. Completing this small task won’t take much time, but it will give you a quick win, a taste of success that is satisfying. This is your first step down a path that leads to a decluttered, more organized home.

Magic in Momentum

As you move from one completed task to the next, each slightly larger than the last, you’ll find that decluttering your home doesn’t seem as intimidating. Seeing progress in the organization of your home makes it easier to tackle bigger challenges. Building momentum is the heart of the Snowball Method. Momentum turns the dread of decluttering into a chase for the next organizational task.

woman decluttering home
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Celebrate and Keep Going

One of the most crucial aspects of the Snowball Method is recognizing and celebrating your victories. Did you finally clear out that junk drawer? Celebrate it! These moments of recognition are essential for maintaining momentum. As you progress, you might find certain areas require different approaches. Stay flexible and adapt your strategy as needed. The goal is to keep moving, keep decluttering, and watch as your home transforms.

At the end of the day, the Snowball Method is a mindset shift. By breaking down the overwhelming task of decluttering into bite-sized pieces, you make it manageable and even enjoyable.


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