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Decorate Shilpi Reddy, Desi Favors Interview

How Desi Favors is Making South Asian Style Global

November 22, 2023 at 3:09 AM PST
Decorate Shilpi Reddy, Desi Favors Interview

How Desi Favors is Making South Asian Style Global

November 22, 2023 at 3:09 AM PST

The allure of South Asian decor lies in its vibrant colors, detailed patterns, and a rich blend of cultural symbolism. From the vivid hues of marigold garlands to the intricate designs of mandala art, every element of Indian design tells a story of heritage and tradition. Entrepreneur Shilpi Reddy wants to make South Asian decor and culture accessible to a global audience. She is intentionally doing so through her brand, Desi Favors. Reddy’s journey from an engineer to the founder of Desi Favors is a bridge connecting the world with beautiful designs rooted in Indian culture.

Desi Favors dishes
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Desi Favors has supported local artisans, showcasing their skills and sustaining traditional art forms. Reddy observed an absence in the U.S. market—the lack of authentic Southeast Asian goods. This led her to start her brand. “I decided to start Desi Favors in 2018 to make sure that Desis living in the U.S. have access to high-quality traditional handmade gifts,” Reddy tells Home & Texture. From a modest beginning with a handful of items, Desi Favors has expanded its inventory to over 700 products. Each embodies the essence of Southeast Asian craftsmanship.

When asked about the products that have resonated the most with her customers, Reddy highlights the Orange Kantha Stool and the Hand Woven Jute Stool. “They make great gifts as well as pieces to decorate a home year-round, regardless of your culture,” she says.


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Desi Favors’ design style is characterized by vibrancy and color. Reddy describes the brand’s range as a mix of traditional Indian decorations and unique pieces that can brighten any home. “They go along with traditional cultural themes and are great for bringing a bright aura into any home that is decorated with the pieces,” she adds.

Color in Living Spaces

For those hesitant to introduce color into their living spaces, Reddy suggests starting small. “Colorful wall plates or fabric stools will add a bright pop of color to any room but can also be taken out on a whim if you don’t want the color there all the time,” she shares. This approach allows homeowners to experiment with colors without making permanent changes.

Blue Kantha Bench
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Reddy recommends garlands as a must-have for new homeowners. “They are great for decorating year-round and are a simple way to add some texture to any room along with a pop of color,” she notes, suggesting the Kantha Saree Bead Garland and the Indian Fabric Rag Garland as ideal options for first-timers.

Desi Favors plays a crucial role in preserving and sharing Southeast Asian traditions. “Desi Favors products feature a lot of elements that are typical in a traditional Indian household like lotus, elephants, marigolds, and more,” Reddy explains. These elements represent the rich Hindu culture and support the craftsmanship of artisans whose skills have been honed over generations.

Desi Favors pillow
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For homeowners interested in adding Indian elements to their decor, Reddy advises moderation. “Be careful not to go overboard with these elements to keep the design aesthetic, so moderation is key,” she says. She recommends using hand-woven furniture, bright-colored accent pieces, and patterns in cushions and rugs. She also recommends unique accessories like brass urlis and wooden elephant faces as art pieces.

Learn more about Desi Favors on their website and Instagram.


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