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Decorate Designing a Home for One

Here's How To Design Your Home for One if You Live Alone

Make your space all about you.

May 8, 2024 at 5:56 AM PST
Decorate Designing a Home for One

Here's How To Design Your Home for One if You Live Alone

Make your space all about you.

May 8, 2024 at 5:56 AM PST

Buying a home is a big achievement, and especially so if you’re going at it alone. And what better way to celebrate this incredible milestone than by creating a space that’s uniquely yours? Designing a home for solo living means you have the special opportunity to make every choice entirely about you.

When you have the freedom to experiment, you can create spaces that aren’t just for living in but thriving in. And because you don’t have to work with another person, your home can truly reflect your personality, hobbies, and overall lifestyle.

If you need help maximizing your space for solo living, take a look at how you can design a home made just for you.

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Make it your own.

An advantage to living alone is that you can tailor your space to what you love. For example, if you’re a music lover, you can convert a section of your living room into a mini studio. You can decorate with soundproofing, a retro record storage unit, and a comfy listening chair to complete the space.

Or if you’re an art enthusiast, why not turn a corner with ample natural light into an art studio with easels and art supplies? Living solo means you can get super creative in your design approach, making the place exactly what you want it to be.

Decorate for self-care.

Living alone can be lonely, but you can combat this with regular self-care. Be proactive about your mental and emotional health by investing in luxurious items that elevate your everyday experience. This could be anything from a high-tech bed that monitors your sleep to a state-of-the-art speaker system for crystal-clear sound on movie nights. Whatever you decide, make sure that it enhances your home life so that you can always call it your own personal retreat.

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Pick colors you love.

Picking a color scheme that matches your personal taste can be a game changer not only for your aesthetic but your mental health, too.

Decorate your bedroom in a soothing blue hue to unwind after a crazy day, or paint your kitchen backsplash bright orange to energize your morning breakfast.

When living solo, you have the freedom to tailor your place for the vibe you want without having to compromise with other housemates.

Use clever storage solutions.

If you live in a smaller space, you may have to get more creative with storage. For example, you can use a bookshelf that swings open to reveal your collection of vintage wines. Or invest in a lift-up bed frame that hides your clothing, shoes, or valuable items. No matter how you do it, be sure to opt for solutions that keep your space neat and clutter-free.

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Become a plant parent.

You can enhance your space with plants that do more than just decorate. Plants like lavender and aloe vera not only improve indoor air quality, but they’re known to reduce stress levels, too. Plus, they can act like companions for solo homeowners, providing a sense of responsibility and joy in taking care of something living.

When picking out a plant for your space, pick low-maintenance plants that don’t require a lot of care and maintenance like snake plants, ZZ plants, or succulents. These easy-going plants are perfect for busy solo homeowners, adding a touch of greenery without the upkeep.

Scale for solitude.

In a solo living space, every inch counts. Don’t forget to pick out some adaptable furniture like extendable dining tables or a convertible futon for future visitors. That way, you can keep the daily setup intimate and functional for just one person.


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