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interior design Your Design Style

Here's What Your Favorite Decor Item Says About Your Design Style

August 22, 2023 at 8:49 PM PST
interior design Your Design Style

Here's What Your Favorite Decor Item Says About Your Design Style

August 22, 2023 at 8:49 PM PST

Trying to decide which design style to use for your next home project? The answer might already be in front of you. Your favorite home decor items can say quite a bit about what interior design style best suits you. And because there are so many design styles to choose from, having a little help when deciding can make a world of difference.

What Your Favorite Decor Item Says About Your Design Style

What you gravitate naturally to can serve as a guide for choosing how to decorate your home. To learn more, select your favorite home decor item from the list below to see what your design style is.

Photo credit: Ashwin Alok

A Chandelier

If your favorite decor item is a chandelier, you probably have a penchant for grandiose interiors. For your next design project, consider leaning in to a luxe interior design style. Think deep colors, statement pieces, and rich materials, such as velvet, satin, or marble.

Photo credit: Nadia Sitova

A Green Chair

Selecting this bright, green chair can point to your affinity toward plants and nature. If that’s you, you might appreciate a natural or organic interior design style. As its name suggests, this style incorporates a lot of natural elements — i.e. an earth-tone color palette, sustainable furniture and decor, natural lighting, and natural materials such as wood, bamboo, or stone.

Photo credit: Kiara Coll

Bohemian Textiles

If you notice you’re drawn to bright and bold colors and prints, the bohemian design style might be for you. Consider incorporating more of it in your home decor with vibrant rugs and eclectic cushions to point to your free-spirited personality.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Exposed Brick

Did you choose exposed brick as your favorite home decor element? If so, you should consider an industrial design style for your next project. This style points to an appreciation for raw materials, open floor plans, metal accents, and a contemporary edge.

Photo credit: Andreea Ch

A White Vase

If you chose a simple, white vase, then a minimalist design style is right up your alley. Minimalist styles include clean lines, neutral colors, and multi-functional furniture. Minimalist interiors are also free from clutter to create an open and airy space.

Photo credit: Anthony

Assorted Seashells

Do you enjoy listening to the sound of the ocean when you put a seashell to your ear? If so, consider adopting a coastal design style. This includes a light and neutral color palette, beachy patterns such as stripes or waves, and weathered or distressed finishes.

Photo credit: Dom J

Eclectic Wall Art

Are you an art enthusiast with a flair for the dramatic? Perhaps the art deco design style is right for you. Add bright and bold colors, mirrored surfaces, and geometric patterns to your space to incorporate this style into your home.



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