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DIY DIY Gift Wrapping

Add a Personal Touch to Presents This Year With These DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

December 19, 2023 at 9:52 PM PST
DIY DIY Gift Wrapping

Add a Personal Touch to Presents This Year With These DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

December 19, 2023 at 9:52 PM PST

Giving gifts is often a core part of major occasions, from the holiday season to housewarming parties and birthdays, but gift wrap hardly gets a second thought. Usually, it’s all about what’s on the other side of the paper or inside the bag. But there’s something special about receiving a gift that’s been wrapped with love and creativity that almost makes it like an extra gift in the unwrapping experience. Or, maybe you’ve just run out of wrapping paper and are in a pinch and need some ideas. Either way, here are some imaginative and heartfelt ideas to create DIY gift wrapping that will make your present stand out.

Cute handmade gift wrap
Photo Credit: Lucie Liz

1. Custom Stamped Wrapping Paper

This is for the crafters out there looking to do something extra creative and different. Begin with a roll of plain kraft paper or even a simple white paper roll. Then, get an assortment of rubber stamps and vibrant ink pads and you have everything you need to create one-of-a-kind wrapped gifts. The possibilities for creativity are endless! You can create a unique pattern or design by using these stamps. Hearts, stars, or even personalized initials, it’s all up to your imagination.

2. Newspaper Chic

Have some old newspapers or magazines taking up space in a cabinet? Now’s your chance to declutter while sourcing some material for your gift-wrapping ventures. This is also an eco-friendly choice, and depending on what’s on the pages, can range from interesting to downright hilarious. To add a splash of color, complement your newspaper wrap with a vibrant ribbon or twine.

Creative Gift Toppers that Wow

Elevate your gift presentation to a whole new level by adding a charming topper. Here are a couple of ideas that will leave a lasting impression.

1. Fresh Flower Bouquet

Tie a small bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers to your gift using a satin ribbon. This looks stunning while also adding a delightful surprise when your recipient opens the gift.

2. Mini Chalkboard Messages

For a fun idea, get plain construction paper and cover it with chalkboard paint. Once it’s dry, you can write a personal message or the recipient’s name. It’s a more spiced-up approach than just writing the person’s name with a pen or marker.

Photo credit: Kari Shea

DIY Gift Tags: The Personal Touch

Gift tags are like the signature on a masterpiece; they complete the look and feel of your gift.

1. Photo Tags

Print a small photo of yourself with the recipient and attach it to the gift tag. It’s a heartwarming way to remind them of your special bond and shared memories.

2. Elegant Calligraphy

If you happen to have beautiful handwriting or know someone who does, use calligraphy to write the recipient’s name on the tag.

Mastering the Art of Ribbons and Bows

A perfectly tied ribbon can transform an ordinary gift into a work of art.

Ribbon Weaving

Experiment with different colored ribbons, weaving them together to create a visually interesting design on your gift.

Bow Alternatives

Break free from the traditional bow and explore alternatives like fabric flowers, paper rosettes, or even tiny ornaments as the finishing touch to your gift.

Photo credit: Kari Shea

Infusing Humor into Your Presentation

Injecting humor into your gift wrapping can make the moment even more enjoyable.

Quirky Quotes

If it’s your bestie or a sibling, chances are you have a bunch of inside jokes. Personalize it by incorporating it into your gift wrap.

Gag Gifts Within Gifts

To make your gift shine, you could include a small gag gift within the main gift. For example, if you’re giving a book, slip in a tiny toy or a silly accessory related to the book’s theme. It’s an unexpected surprise and like a built-in stocking stuffer.


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