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Article Hiding Holiday Gifts

Where To Hide Holiday Gifts So Your Loved Ones Can't Find Them

December 5, 2023 at 9:07 PM PST
Article Hiding Holiday Gifts

Where To Hide Holiday Gifts So Your Loved Ones Can't Find Them

December 5, 2023 at 9:07 PM PST

A big part of the holiday season involves exchanging presents. But hiding holiday gifts from the people you live with can be a real challenge! Of course, you could always wrap them and place them under the tree, but if you haven’t found the time to do that just yet, hiding them is a quick solution.

Whether you’re trying to outsmart your partner or keep little ones from peeking before the big day, having a designated area for storing gifts can make things much easier. To learn how to keep loved ones from ruining the surprise, here are eight top-secret hiding spots to conceal holiday gifts.

A child playing with clothes in the closet
Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto

Inside the Closet

Okay, so the closet is probably one of the first places adults look when trying to find hidden gifts. But if you have small children, it’s the best place to start. Hide your gifts on the highest shelf behind clothing or shoeboxes where little ones can’t reach. This way, even if they try looking in the closet, they won’t be able to see or reach high enough to find their surprises.

In the Back of the Kitchen Pantry

Fully stocked pantries make the best hiding spots for storing holiday gifts. You can try placing them behind big boxes of cereal or stacked cans of non-perishables. The key is to hide them behind objects that you don’t typically use like canned goods or large bags of flour so that if someone picks them up, they won’t see their surprise right behind it.

Drop Ceiling

If you have a drop ceiling, you can easily conceal small gifts in the empty space above it. All you have to do is lift a tile, then set your gift on top of the tile next to it. Finally, move the first tile back to its original place to hide your presents in plain sight!

A stack of board games on a chair
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Inside Empty Board Game Boxes

If you’re trying to hide gift cards and other small items, try removing the contents of a board game and replacing it with your gift. Try to pick a game that you hardly ever play. That way, you can continue playing your favorite games for games night and your loved ones will be none the wiser.

Tucked Into Unused Suitcases

Make use of your suitcases when you’re not traveling by using them to store your holiday gifts. But remember, since the holidays are one of the busiest travel times, so be sure to hide them inside your suitcase. This ensures your loved one doesn’t find their gift when packing for a holiday getaway.

Inside Sealed Plastic Bins

You know those plastic bins that you use to store old toys and clothing? They make great hiding spots for holiday gifts. Not only can they store multiple items at once, but they also have tight-fitting lids that can keep nosy, little hands out.

If you’re hiding your gifts from adults, be sure to label your plastic bins as something else, such as “Old Shoes” or “Miscellaneous.” Doing so can help throw off any snooping family members so they aren’t tempted to look inside.

A messy garage with a vintage car parked inside
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In a Locked Shed or Garage

If you have a locked shed or garage, you probably store a lot of miscellaneous items inside. This makes them the perfect places to hide presents, especially if your shed or garage is particularly messy. To do this, place your gifts behind old tools, gardening equipment, or piled-up boxes to conceal them from your family.

Under the Stairs

Many homes have storage spaces located right underneath the staircase. People use this space to store things like cleaning supplies or seasonal decorations, but you can use it as a secret hideaway for stashing your holiday gifts. If you try this, be sure to push your gift all the way toward the back of the compartment where it’s darker so that others can’t see it as easily if opened.



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