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These 5 Decor Tips Will Help You Achieve Your Dreamiest Bedroom Yet

Because everyone deserves to feel like their sleeping on a cloud.

February 14, 2024 at 9:16 PM PST

Your bedroom is your safe space, designed for deep relaxation and numerous nights of cuddling under your comforter. If it doesn’t provide a peaceful slumber or calming environment, then you’re doing something wrong or something is wrong. And while there are plenty of ways to create a dreamy bedroom, it really can’t get more relaxing than feeling like you’re sleeping under the clouds.

With the right textures, color scheme, and more, you can create an aesthetically pleasing bedroom that looks and feels just like that. These dreamy bedroom decor ideas will help you make sleeping on cloud nine possible.

Photo credit: Sarah Shull

Implement soft, plush textures.

Soft, fluffy textures are always in year-round—not just for the winter time. From mattresses and pillows to blankets and comforters or duvets, your main priority should be the comfort level of each item. To really get a cloud-like sensation and maintain it, invest in ultra-sofa and mega-fluffy pieces that’ll make you want to melt into your bed. Furry pillows, thick throw blankets, soft rugs, and other similar pieces will help you create the ideal texture and foundation for your dreamy bedroom.

Include different shades of whites.

A white bedroom is a must-have to complete the serene and dreamy look of your bedroom. Including different shades of white will instantly draw in that cloud illusion, making your room feel more light and airy. It also opens up the space and makes it appear bigger than it is. You can use it as your base color and include accent colors for a subtle touch of contrast.

Photo credit: SpaceJoy

Add hues of blues and grays.

Using different hues of blues and grays as accent colors is perfect for complementing your white foundation. The shade or tone is completely up to you. Whether you want light, pastel colors or want to lean on the darker side, these two colors can be added to your rugs, wall art, lighting, and other decor pieces. The combination of white, blue and gray is perfect for replicating a sky-like atmosphere.

Use oversized decor items.

Just like a cloud, you can count on your pillows to provide that extra soft and firmness. And let’s be honest, you can never truly have too many pillows. The goal is to feel like you’re floating on clouds, so choose pieces that align with that. This level of comfort can be achieved by purchasing oversized pillows or even throw blankets. Pick luxury, chunky knit throw blankets that are heavy and thick but also buttery and soft. Consider choosing between 5-6 pillows for extra plushness.

Add cloudy wallpaper.

Blue skies and bright white clouds covering your wall are perfect for helping you truly transform your space into something serene and ethereal. By using wallpaper, you can bring your room to life while also adding a natural element. Before you know it, you’ll be cloud gazing in your own personal space.



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