5 Rustic Fire Pit Ideas
Garden Spaces Fire Pit Ideas

5 Rustic Fire Pit Ideas

January 19, 2023 at 3:54 PM PST

Fire pits are an essential element to create a cozy and luxurious outdoor space. Homeowners, if you design your outdoor living area just right and include a fire pit, you’ll probably never want to leave. It’s a great option for transforming your outdoor space into a multi-functional, entertaining space. Your fire pit will become the go-to destination for your family and guests, and you’ll spend summer evenings getting warm after a dip in the pool or cooler fall nights by the fire getting warm or making s’.mores

While these home decor additions have had a major comeback in recent years, they have always been a staple in the South, where residents can’t get enough of its effervescent glow and its year-round functionality. Whether it is in your front yard, your back yard or an outdoor room, it will surely be the focal point of your home. For all you city or suburb dwellers, take notes on how you might incorporate a fire pit into smaller yards. Of course, keep in mind local fire and safety codes, and contact a professional landscaper before adding your own outdoor fireplace.

In order to assist in your home landscaping venture, we dug up a few fire pit ideas inspired by a combination of both the South and old western movies, aka we went a little bit country.

One design idea to consider when looking for fire pit options is a sunken fire pit. Since the fire is below the ground, the likelihood of uncontrollable fires is lower. Sunken fire pits are considered to be safe because oftentimes the materials used to build them are flame retardant, making it the perfect place to entertain guests and family members on cozy evenings.

Courtesy: Tom Swinnen

Keep in mind that a sunken fire pit is a permanent structure and cannot be moved without damage to your yard. The perks is that it will remain in one place and you won’t have to worry about readjusting it or lugging it around. Sunken or in-ground fire pits can often be costly to build and typically have a base made from concrete, stone or brick and a fire ring made of noncombustible materials.

Another viable option is portable fire pits because they are temporary fire, versus sunken fire pits that are permanent fixtures in your landscaping. Typically made of metal or steel, the best aspect of these fire pits is that they are transportable, and you can move your fire wherever is the perfect fit for your entertainment needs. Although they are highly functional and transportable, one important safety concern to consider with metal fire pits before purchasing is the type of metal they are made of, which will determine how they react to natural elements and inclement weather. Metals like copper and iron can rust and oxidize.

Courtesy: Sindre Fs

Another great fire pit idea is a stone fire pit. The benefits of a stone fire pit is that it adds a natural landscape to your yard. It is also something that you can buy at the store or build on your own, which is why it is also often referred to as a DIY fire pit. One perk is that rain, snow and inclement weather won’t damage a stone fire pit. Gravel, lava rocks and wood logs are all excellent fuel options for this type of fire pit, but just be cautious with logs as the emissions can be hazardous for human health. It’s best to have a professional install it, but if you choose to self-install, be sure to have 7 ft. of space around it and to keep it clear of low hanging branches, grass and other natural, flammable materials.

Concrete fire pit tables are a true statement piece for your outdoor space, and they add a touch of class and modern design that will elevate any outdoor space. They have a simple aesthetic with clean lines and are extremely durable. There are a lot of options for fire building with concrete fire pits, whether it’s a battery-operated spark ignition, gas combustion or an upgraded electronic direct spark ignition. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles to fit your yard. Lava rocks, which are extremely cost effective, are often used as the base layer.

Courtesy: Ryan Bruce

Last but not least, there are the classic wood-burning fire pits. While you want to be extremely cautious with these models, it is possible to have them if you take the right safety precautions. One tip is to clean the fire pit of any ash before you start your fire. You will also need to make sure the fire pit is not under any low hanging, flammable tree limbs. Be sure to select the dense wood like oak and once you make sure selection, ensure that it has been stored high and dry for six months. If you keep all these safety precautions in mind, a wood burning fire can be a simple and cozy addition to your backyard space.



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