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Organize Fridge Organization Products

Keep Your Fridge Neat and Tidy With These 5 Organization Products

September 6, 2023 at 7:52 PM PST
Organize Fridge Organization Products

Keep Your Fridge Neat and Tidy With These 5 Organization Products

September 6, 2023 at 7:52 PM PST

As you get older, you realize it is the smallest things that bring you the greatest joy. Having an organized fridge is one of those small things. There’s nothing like opening up your fridge door to see how clean and well-placed your foods are. It gives you an overview of all your food and easy access to grab and go and to prep your meals. Use these tips and products below to get a head start on a new fridge.

Declutter and clean.

The first step in organizing your fridge is to declutter and discard items you aren’t using. This includes out-of-date foods or leftovers, and those that you probably won’t use anymore. Once the fridge is empty, give it a nice clean. At this point, you may want to readjust the shelves how you see fit. Get an idea of where you want to place certain items.

Store items in practical spots.

Keep in mind that refrigerators actually have areas that are cooler and some that are warmer.  Therefore, storing items in practical spots matters. This will help you preserve your food, keeping you from weekly grocery store runs. Keep condiments in the door. Your dairy products, such as eggs, belong on the upper shelves, while you can store meats and milk on the lower shelf. Fruits and veggies should go in the crisper.

Remove labels and packaging.

In order to complete a uniform look in your fridge, you must remove all packaging and labels from your food. Take off the cardboard label from your yogurts and get rid of the fish net mesh bag that keeps your fruits together. This will allow you to keep an eye on what items need to be restocked and complete that uniform look.

Keep reading to find out the best organization products for a neat, tidy, and clean fridge system.

Rula Self-Pushing Soda Can Organizer and Drink Dispenser

Drinking your favorite beverages just got a lot better, and it's not because of the taste—it's because of the Rula Self-Pushing Soda Can Organizer and Drink Dispenser. It's something about organization that makes things more appealing. Made of rust and waterproof stainless steel, this beverage dispenser is the perfect solution for a messy fridge shelf. Your drinks will always be on display and easily accessible with the spring loader pusher feature as it smoothly guides the rest of the drinks forward after grabbing one. The organizer holds up to 25-30 cans and bottles and can hold 5-6 per slot. Cheers to that!

Sorbus Refrigerator and Freezer Organization Bins

Consider your messy fridge problem solved with the Sorbus Refrigerator and Freezer Organization Bins! You can say goodbye to searching for your fridge items and hello to an organized fridge paradise. These bins are essential for keeping all of your items separate. From your beverages to your condiments, categorize different items and make them easy to access. This six-piece set comes with two wide drawers, two narrow drawers, one can dispenser drawer, and one egg drawer. It's the perfect set to get you started on creating a tidy fridge. These organizers save you time and offer quick access to your beverages and food items. With the clear-view containers, you and your kids can see where to locate your items and when you need a refill.

OXO Good Grips Adjustable Fridge Shelf Riser

The OXO Good Grips Adjustable Fridge Shelf Riser minimizes mess and maximizes the space of any fridge. It features five adjustable heights and can hold up to 25 pounds while expanding between 5 and 8.5 inches. The tapered legs allow you to store foods on top of the shelf such as jars or yogurt containers, tuck them away at the bottom, or both. No, this shelf won't move. It comes with non-slip feet that are securely fastened on any refrigerator shelf, leaving you worry-free and keeping all items in one place.

OXO Good Grips Fridge Undershelf Drawer 14 in

The OXO Good Grips Fridge Undershelf Drawer creates more space for more storage. It's ideal for your deli and produce items like sandwich meat, cheeses, and other loose produce. The undershelf drawer is designed with an adjustable frame that securely attaches to refrigerator shelves. The clear feature keeps your food visible, allowing you to have an eye on what needs to be restocked. It can hold up to 20 pounds and is also available in 10 inches.

IKEA’s Snurrad Clear Storage Turntable

IKEA's Snurrad Clear Storage Turntable helps you to remember those little foods you may store in the back of the fridge. Bring the yummy goods stored in the back to the front with the 360-degree revolving pull-out tray, making it easier to grab and go. With suction cups, the tray fastens securely and quickly to the desired space in your fridge and can be removed easily as well.

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