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Cleaning Fun Cleaning Tips

Dread Cleaning? Here's How You Can Make It More Fun

Have your most enjoyable cleaning sesh yet.

April 24, 2024 at 9:22 PM PST
Cleaning Fun Cleaning Tips

Dread Cleaning? Here's How You Can Make It More Fun

Have your most enjoyable cleaning sesh yet.

April 24, 2024 at 9:22 PM PST

Depending on how large your home is or how long you’ve gone without cleaning, tidying up can take hours. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Here are some tips to make the tedious chore more entertaining.

1. Blast your favorite playlist.

Curate a cleaning playlist with upbeat songs that make you want to move. R&B, country, hip-hop, it doesn’t matter. Raise the volume and sing your heart out, or let the groove of the beat guide your pace. If you’re really into it, you could challenge yourself to finish your tasks before the music ends.

2. Call a friend.

Time always feels like it’s flying by when you’re engaged in good conversation. Talking on the phone will not only occupy your mind, but hopefully, it’ll brighten your day. FaceTime the group chat, call your BFF or dial someone you haven’t spoken to lately.

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3. Set a timer.

For the competitive spirits, try to see how much you can clean in a set timeframe. A timer adds a sense of urgency, transforms chores into a fun game, and allows you to figure out how long you need to complete each task the next time.

4. Visualize the results.

Imagine how great your space will look and feel once tidy and organized. Keeping the end goal in mind can motivate you to keep going when you would rather nap on the sofa.

5. Clean in sections.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the entire cleaning process, break it down into smaller, manageable sections. Celebrate each small victory as you cross things off your cleaning checklist.

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6. Invite someone over.

Ask friends to come over and keep you company while you clean. Although cleaning benefits you, it’s a bit boring of an afternoon for them, so order pizza or pick up some wine for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget to turn on a show or movie with great conversation points, too.

7. Give yourself rewards.

Plan a small reward for yourself once you finish cleaning, such as a pint of your favorite ice cream or a little retail therapy.

8. Use it as a workout.

Cleaning burns calories and can work up a sweat. For added benefits, incorporate some exercises into your routine, like squatting while picking things up off the floor.

9. Invest in cleaning gadgets.

Dysons, steam mops, and electric scrubbing brushes are just a few efficient and effective cleaning gadgets. The more you invest in cleaning your home, the more fresher it will feel. Quality tools help scrub away stubborn dirt and grime with ease for a spotless look without the hassle.

10. Let loose.

Take breaks every 30 or 60 minutes. Kick off your shoes. Scroll for a bit. Maybe dance. You won’t have fun if you feel overworked, so remember not to push yourself too hard. You can always come back to an area later.



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