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Organize Maximize Clothing Storage

Small Closet? Here's How To Maximize Storage and Add More Space for Clothes

August 21, 2023 at 11:22 PM PST
Organize Maximize Clothing Storage

Small Closet? Here's How To Maximize Storage and Add More Space for Clothes

August 21, 2023 at 11:22 PM PST

Does it always seem like your closet is shrinking? The more clothes you buy, the less storage space you have, leading to clutter. When your closet space is limited from the start, getting yourself something new can feel like an inconvenience instead of a treat. If you don’t want a closet that turns into a disaster every time you go out, it’s best to find ways to maximize your storage space or add more. Home and Texture is here to help with seven tips for creating and organizing the closet of your dreams, no matter its size.

1. Invest in an armoire.

Armoires, also known as wardrobes, are alternatives to closets. So, why not use them as a secondary one? These furniture pieces come in various sizes, designs, and styles to suit your needs and space. Similarly to dressers, armoires are often used in bedrooms. Armoires are spacious and typically divided into drawers, shelves, and a single rack. Some feature open designs, while others include doors to hide items.

2. Show off your fashions with a garment rack.

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For the style icon who loves to show off their fashion, garment racks allow you to do just that. Perfect for planning the week’s outfits, hang everything on display in your room or closet. Like armoires, garment racks are available in multiple styles, sizes, and designs. It all depends on your needs, and most are compact enough to fit in smaller rooms. Minimally designed racks don’t offer much else except space for hanging. However, the more complex designs feature shelves, hooks, and sometimes even mirrors.

3. If you don’t wear it, toss it.

Do you buy trendy clothes and never wear them again once they’re out of style? Are you trying to find your signature look and constantly editing your fashion choices? If you can relate or merely haven’t purged your closet in a bit, now’s the time for a little late-season cleaning. Take a moment to evaluate your regular outfit rotation and eliminate anything you haven’t worn in a few years (and don’t see yourself wearing in the future).

4. Store your shoes on the back of the door or a rack, or tuck them inside a storage bench or shoe cabinet.

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! Although it may not seem like it, shoe boxes surprisingly take up a lot of surface area. While you can place each pair in your closet in an orderly fashion, eventually, you might trip over them in a rush or lose a match. That’s why your shoes need a specific corner in your home. Over-the-door shoe organizers are simple, affordable, and easy to get. However, this option often makes the door heavier and difficult to open. True shopaholics might be better off investing in storage benches and shoe cabinets, so your many shoes can be discreetly and conveniently stored.

5. Try hanging organizers.

Believe it or not, some full closets are designed with a single rack and zero shelves. Enter: hanging organizers. Think of these fabric shelf-like pockets as floating storage bins. You can pile them with anything you want, such as clothes, shoes, linen, and accessories. Some are available with pull-out drawers and pockets, too! They’re the ultimate quick and easy storage solution.

6. Put away seasonal clothing until it’s time to wear it.

Summer’s nearing its end, and soon it’ll be time to pack away tanks and shorts. When living in a small space, taking clothes out of your closet and finding another place for them may seem daunting. Since renting a storage unit for a few extra items isn’t practical, it’s essential to get creative here. Grab a couple of clear bins or compression packing cubes and store some of your belongings under your bed.

7. Hang the necessary things, and fold the rest.

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The way you organize your closet makes all the difference. Separate your clothes into categories and determine whether you want to hand or store certain items. Make adjustments as needed until you’re able to fit everything neatly.


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