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Organize Seasonal Clothing Organization

The Best Way To Store Away Seasonal Clothes

August 3, 2023 at 7:51 PM PST

Living in a region that experiences more than one season can be exciting but also overwhelming for your closet. Nobody likes packing away their seasonal clothes, but if you want to keep your favorite garments on rotation, it’s a must. This can help you update your wardrobe no matter what the weather may be.

With the upcoming fall season, now is the perfect time to create an organizing system you can adhere to for years. Here are some seasonal clothing organization tips to get you ready to transition your garments before the seasons change.

Seasonal Clothing Organization Tips

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Make Sure To Wash Your Clothes Before You Prepare To Store Them Away

Before you prepare to switch out your seasonal clothes, make sure you clean them first. Storing away dirty garments can make any smells harder to get out later. “The smells of body odors, perfumes, and colognes left on unwashed seasonal clothes will be more difficult to get rid of the longer you don’t deal with them. Clean clothes are much less likely to attract pests like closet moths,” advises Organized Interiors. Also, you want to ensure your clothes are completely dry before you put them away. Having damp clothes can encourage mold, which can ruin your clothes and harbor smells.

Always Use Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic storage bins are the best tools for organizing your clothes because it’s the safest way to preserve your garments without worrying about pests and insects. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic doesn’t attract bugs. If you find yourself running out of plastic storage bins, you can always use clean suitcases to store your seasonal clothes as well.

Learn The Proper Way To Use Mothballs

While mothballs are effective in protecting your clothes against bugs, they are toxic and harmful to pets and children. When using mothballs, ensure that you use gloves and that you read the directions to use them properly. There are also other natural, safer alternatives that you may consider using, like cedar balls or cedar blocks. These options will leave your clothing smelling just as fresh, and they last longer, too.

Determine Where You Want To Store Your Clothes

After you clean your clothes, figure out which clothes should be hung in your closet and what should be folded and stored away. If you haven’t already, try to invest in a closet organizer that will help you keep things in order. For all the clothing you will be removing from your closet, pack them in a dry, cool place. Avoid any location that has any heaters as well.

These tips should help you transition your clothes from season to season with ease and less clutter.


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