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Decorate Incorporating Design Trends

Why That Trendy Aesthetic Doesn’t Look Quite Right in Your Space

And what you can do to make it right.

June 3, 2024 at 10:29 PM PST
Decorate Incorporating Design Trends

Why That Trendy Aesthetic Doesn’t Look Quite Right in Your Space

And what you can do to make it right.

June 3, 2024 at 10:29 PM PST

We know all too well that it can be really annoying to give your space a makeover only to find that the result doesn’t quite match the aesthetic you hoped for. So, what went wrong? To learn why your space isn’t giving, here are five reasons why those trendy social media design trends aren’t hitting the mark in your home.

Your space has its own personality.

No two spaces are exactly alike. Every room has its own vibe, and sometimes, that vibe clashes with those popular social media design trends you want to be a part of. For example, a lot of homes have certain architectural details or even a specific layout that doesn’t quite align with what’s popular in the industry.

So before you hop on the next trend, it’s important to be aware of whether a new trend will complement your space or conflict with it. If you’re unsure, try adding a couple of trendy elements to your existing aesthetic to see how well they mesh together. That way, you aren’t spending a ton of money on decor that ends up going to waste.

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Lighting makes a big difference.

Social media is the best place to find design inspo for your own space. But what many people don’t always remember is that those dreamy interiors are perfectly curated using professional lighting or even just natural light that floods in at just the right angle.

If you don’t have the right kind of lighting in your home, even having the exact same decor you see online might not look as impressive. Fortunately, you can try experimenting with different lighting options to give you the result you desire. Warm lighting, for example, can make a cozy bohemian space feel even more inviting, whereas bright white lights can really take a minimalist, modern look to the next level.

You have a limited budget.

Sometimes, achieving that picture-perfect space is a matter of whether or not you have the budget for it. Many popular publications feature costly, eye-catching pieces in their design in order to grab your attention. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford those pieces, and cheaper alternatives might not have the same impact.

If the more expensive trends are out of your price range, you can prioritize key pieces that will make the most significant impact. Then, use the cheaper alternative to fill up the rest of your space. Thrift stores, DIY projects, and budget-friendly retailers can help you achieve a trendy look without breaking the bank.

The color choice just isn’t right.

Color trends are really popular in interior design, but they’re kind of tricky to work with. Colors can look different depending on the lighting and size of the room, making your space feel off. And a color that looks nice in a well-staged Pinterest photo isn’t necessarily going to have the same effect with your existing furniture.

Before you commit to an entirely new color palette, always test it out first. You can do this by painting swatches on your walls, adding in some throw pillows in the new hue, or trying out a rug that incorporates the colors you want. That way, you can see how well the colors work in your space and decide from there whether to add more.

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You forgot about the reality of daily life.

Another important but seriously overlooked factor to consider is how the trend might affect your daily life. Sure, that all-white aesthetic might look amazing, but if you have kids or pets, maintaining it could be a nightmare.

Before you hop on the trend, make sure that it can actually accommodate your lifestyle. Your home should be comfy and functional, not just photo-ready.


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